Microsoft Only Expects Modest Surface Tablet Sales Through the End of 2012



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Windows RT DOA? Old news. Now when OEMs start bundling start menu mods into windows 8, and uninstalling those useless metro apps, then windows 8 will take off.



"Microsoft Only Expects Modest Surface Tablet Sales."

There, fixed. That's a more realistic sentence -- and much less likely to leave them crying in their cereal come Q4 2013. Windows phone, anybody?



I think this extraordinary (and beautifully designed) tablet/laptop hybrid will sell much better than expected. I love the colorful, built-in keyboard-cover. I'll take one in blue, please....



""Right now we are working real hard on the Surface. That’s the focus. That’s our core." He said that while promising to fight Apple tooth-and-nail in every possible market segment."

And this right here is exactly why MS has given the desktop the big middle finger and why it doesn't work well on the desktop. They never intended Windows 8 for the desktop, just the tablet and phone market, the desktop is clearly an after thought.



Think of it this way. If Microsoft designed Windows 8 just for tablets/phone, it wouldn't sell well. Look at products like the Zune, Kin, and even Windows Phone 7 now. Sure some people buy or bought them, but not a whole lot. Granted, Microsoft's marketing sucks... But what's their most profitable and visible product? Their desktop OS. By rolling this OS out in a hybrid like package, Microsoft is showing off their new UI to the masses.

The demographic of web sites like Max PC can find numerous reasons why they think the Windows 8 Metro UI will fail (and it certainly does have it's shortcomings on a desktop/laptop), but we're not the mass population. I think once new PCs are purchased and Windows 8 starts getting out there, people will love it. Once they see the consistent UI across phone / tablet / home desktop / laptop, you now have the buy in of the masses.

It might feel like a big middle finger to desktop / laptop users on the surface (no pun intended), but it's deeper than that. Actually, I think it's a brilliant move by Microsoft.



this is how i've been feeling these past couple of months. techies (ESPECIALLY here on this site) just don't seem to get how simple metro can be. sure, grampa might be a little lost at first but what isn't slightly difficult the first time we use it? for the general consumer the familiarity between xbox, windows, and windows phone will be huge.

personally, after I got over the learning curve i've been extremely happy with it minus the few bugs that are still in it since its not an rtm version. i say just give it time and stop whining. if it flops, it flops...oh damn well. if you hate it, windows 7 is still a great os. simple...

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