Microsoft Office Headed to Android and iOS in 2013



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Free to install with in-app-purchase to edit only 99!
Wait...that's dollars don't click too soon....nooooooooo!!!!



so it will only let us view them??? thats great since I can already do that with just about any file editor on Android...



Actually, I think this is a smart move by MS. Software is their main bread and butter and to ignore the fact that lots of businesses are now using iOS and Android in the office would be a fatal mistake.



While I agree with you (I personally have an android phone and tablet), isn't this basically signing a death warrant for their phone and tablet?



I don't think so, as it stands right now they really have no market share anyway so you can say they are just covering all the bases. Competition is better for the market and it is better to at least have a fairly even playing field as to fend off any anti-trust issues that may arise. This is just my opinion as I have no facts or data to say otherwise.



I predict that most Android users could give a rip about having office on their phones.



not all android devices are phones, in fact, android tablets are going to be huge sellers in the following months with Google Nexus and what not. I couldn't care less about office suite in a phone, but in a tablet that's a different thing.



Actually since there are quite a few Android devices being in uses in the enterprise, I can tell you they do give a rip about having Office on their phone as they want the ability to open Word or Excel documents natively, not in some 3rd party app that may or may not display it correctly especially a red lined document.

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