Microsoft Office 365 is Office in the Cloud



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...I'd be drolling at the thought of Windows 8 Cloud user accounts (possibly)  and the CLOUD in general.

We are already plagued with 1000's of data miners....the CLOUD is going to 7th heaven for them...

CLOUD = stupidest idea ever in the history of the World.  Geroge Orwell was close but wont be cameras in every home, office and public'll be the CLOUD.  The CLOUD was NOT thought up by the user base...aka was devised by the big money corps to do a few things:

1.  make data mining even easier.

2.  be able to "brick any device, OS or app they choose to....PS3 anyone?

3.  to be able to implement uber draconian DRM measures.

Does noone else see this?? 

My advice...avoid wireless computer ANYthing, avoid the CLOUD like the plague and don't even THINK about buying or using Windows 8, if in fact, the regular Joes user accounts are in fact located in the CLOUD. 

Mobile access to your home computer has its merits, I can see that, but the side effects outweigh the merits 1000 fold.  Just imagine this scenario:   MS or the US Govt, or the RIAA etc., offer the server farms that host the CLOUD(s) a couple billion for complete control. 

Look what happened to television if you still can't see the ramifications....the various broadcast companies said:  hey...if you pay a monthly fee for TV we can eleiminate the commercials....that lasted about 1.5 years...I get 300 some channels...out of which, about 4-5 of them have ANYTHING decent to watch, and have ven MORE commercials than before.  A one hour episode of the newer series is only like 32 minutes of actual show.  Go back and watch some older shows for MASH for example or Cheers....they run closer to 45 mins for an hour long episode.

When the hell will people learn?





Well, the last time I had any contact with Office in the clouds, it was inferior to Google Apps, and VASTLY inferior to shrink wrapped Office or OpenOffice. (I happen to be a fan of office 2k10)

Why does Microsoft think that that a suite lagging both its own disk-resident product and the live-product leader is worth up to $324 bucks a year? Aside from, you know, carrying the M$ in front of it?



calling it 365 is reminding me of the zune leap year bug

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