Microsoft Offers a Glimpse at the Future of Office



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I can't wait until five years from now when Apple copies it and the whole world has a collective orgasm.



Microsoft wont let that happen! They cant! We will see this technology soon... just you wait.



There fine line between science and science fiction, technology demo and bullshitting. That line was crossed when that stupid HAL 3000 was thrown into the mix. I couldn't watch past the pre-recorded "video conference" with that woman flailing her hands like a headless chicken. Even the first part, which was conceivable, had just a couple of projectors and a surface device. How futuristic.



I think you are being overly critical.  They aren't demoing a working project.  They are demoing a concept for how we might interact with our computers in a decade or so.  The lady wasn't just "flailing her hands" she was using gestures, as one might use with a mouse, you have heard of mouse gestures, right? I thought it was a pretty damn cool demo, and while there are obviously advancements necessary, and refinements, I don't think anything in there was too outragous.  The AI behind a "Dag" is probably the most distant, but frankly with the computing power they are putting on our desktops today I don't see that as being too far away.



Those kinds of gestures are simply ridiculous for general computing. Moving your hand in that way expresses no intent for action, which means every time you hold your hand to your mouth when yawning and sneezing, you'll be or ordering pizza online and deleting some file, respectively. Mouse gestures show intent since you have to hold the mouse button. Imagine if they didn't require that, and every move of your mouse could be interpreted as a gesture. You'd go insane and eventually switch it off.

And it wasn't only the technology and glaring usability issues that bothered me. I felt that it was kind of tacky and cheap, as stark contrast to But I guess it's a matter of personal taste.

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