Microsoft Obtains Patent for PC Ransom



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There is a huge difference between someone being accused of a crime and punished by the state, and someone stealing something (aka a hot copy of Windows) and the company reposesing the item. If you walk out of my house with my laptop, you better run fast, because I intened upon retriving it. If I call the cops and press charges, I don't have to wait untill you are found guilty of stealing my laptop to get it back, once ownership has been concluded, I can get the laptop back.

So Microsoft has someone break contract with them, they then have a duty to their employee and stock holders to enforce that contract. Hacking would be Microsoft stealing someones data, messing with a leagle copy of Windows, or tampering with machines running Linux.

I think Microsoft should consider a new business model, not freeware, persay, but a new OS they should ask themselves, "How much should we make on this product?" and whatever answer the come up with, print one disk, and charge that much for the one CD, no resrictions, no limits. After they sell that one Disk, they start developing a new project. HP, Dell, and the gang could get together and buy the disk, or so could Google and Linux fans, and have a bonfire. Either way it would take care of Microsoft caring about piracy.



In the USA you are innocent till proven guilty in a "COURT OF LAW" Since when is any software maker a court of law? We have a do process they refuse to follow.

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The beginning of the end of MS!  Fighting piracy is one thing....messing with peoples comps is another animal entirely......didn't that used to be called hacking, malware, viruses etc??

I own a legal copy of Windows XP pro.....but ya know.....this is gonna be the last Windows OS I buy.  Can ya hear the Linux crowd cheering in the background?

Sony gets taken to court for anti piracy rootkits....but MS gets a patent?  At least we now know who has the most money  lol :/

I've said it before and I'll say it again....

The ONLY way MS is gonna stop piracy is to quit charging ridiculous sums of money for OS's that....."ain't all that".  Linux already has a much better OS...the only reason everyone isn't using Linux is the stupid command line.....user friendly...I don't think so.  If I was a smart dev, I'd start getting behind Linux before the MS cr*p hits the fan.  Yes, I mean YOU, driver, app and game devs.

Dear MS:

You can piss some of the people off some of the time, but you [damn sure] can't piss all of the people off, all of the time!  Take Vista...a piece of cr*p OS that after 3 years, STILL can't take the market share from XP......AND it cost $400 !  You want to stop piracy MS.....then write a GOOD OS and charge $150 for it.  Windows 7, while much better than Vista is also going to FAIL, for the same reasons Vista did.  People want an easy to use, personally configurable OS that doesn't cost $400.....which part of that, don't you understand?  I'm currently dual booting Windows 7 RC....and to be still just XP with even more cr*p!  To give credit where DOES handle driver issues much better than even XP......but that's just because the driver cabs have MORE drivers.....underneath it's still XP.

If MS goes through with their anti piracy program....(considering their complete FAIL with the WGA program) I smell a class action lawsuit the likes of which the world has never seen.  I'm not wealthy enough to hire a lawyer....but if MS makes a "mistake" concerning whether my copy of XP is legit.....I CAN afford to go straight to Redmond and take my computers "new disfunction" out on some MS tards.....and NO thats NOT a threat.......




Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



I can't wait until someome comes out with a worm to flip the switch and start disabling computers world wide!!!



Windows blocking pirateing is a logical thing to do... if they want there money they better prevent it.

But on another note its extreamly expensive for what your getting....

but if your not into terminal work and your not a mac user its all you got left.

 I don't know... if you wanna pay for it good for you if not then oh well... 




Allow me to express my sympathy in advance for all software pirate asshats out there. If you want a free operating system, get Linux like I did. I can't afford Vista right now, which is the only reason I don't run it. I'm not about to illegally download Windows, either, because I'm a halfway decent human being. No matter what you say about Microsoft, a lot of programmers worked on getting Windows to work like it does, and they deserve to get paid for it. I have the same mindset for video games.



Yes, we all are well aware that MS has never screwed up before, and their code is flawless.

As long as they don't start screwing with the legit copies, I'm o.k. with this. Hell, I paid for all my install

disks, everyone else can as well.


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Interesting.  I'm all for MSFT making money and protecting their intellectual property, but I really hope they don't mess up and start messing up legit copies of their OS.


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To be totally honest, I agree with Microsoft in that they should protect their investment and do what they want to do in the above article... If I were a company and my products were being stolen and distributed, then yes, I would want those products to be disfunctional and a burden to the stealers... Anyone who says that they cannot afford MS's price for an OS, or even Apple's OSX, needs to move to the Linux arena instead, rather than steal.

There are people out there who would be so keen as to point out that Microsoft would supposedly abuse this power to their own gain on users who have purchased an OS legally from MS, but I don't think so. MS would only be asking to get sued by lawful purchasers of their products.




My only worry is this might result to price gouging. At least with piracy, MS is forced to keep Windows price low to persuade buyers. Gamers will be the first ones to complain if this kind of monoply happens.



Well obviously I don't have any numbers, but I would wager the price of Windows is actually more expensive due to pirating. They have to add in features like this, plus try to recoup costs from all the people who didn't buy it.



this only upsets the guilty.  (especially the ones that use a dollar sign for the letter S, or make useless "linux is better"  comments)



I figure I pay for my case, my motherboard, hard drives, video cards, sound card, power supply, RAM, CPU heatsink/fan, CPU, DVD drive, and assorted extra fans and wires.  Of COURSE I'd pay for the operating system.  It boggles me that people somehow think they should get it for free.

Now if they wanted to argue on price points I could certainly grant some leeway, but stealing an OS and then getting butthurt because MS will make life difficult for you?  Tough.



Makes you wonder why they don't bother with this kind of filing in China, where most abuse and stealing (of every possible product and service) is most abundant.


fred slack

"I wouldn't join any club that would have me for a member."

That outta give Linux a much larger % of users.




I believe the only law suits that will stick in court are the ones that result in inadvertently shuts down of a legal install. I suspect there will be a mass of law suits from the guilty in hopes that MS would rather avoid a PR mess. But the simple fact is if you’re using a pirated version then MS has every right to disable their product, their OS not the computer. After all you’re free to use another OS. If they lock you out of your MS OS or keep you from upgrading drivers, oh well, pay the fee or go to court and try to prove your install was legal. They are in no way disabling your computer just their OS. MS is simply preventing you from using your pirated version that you failed to license from them. How you use the computer is your decision, so choose wisely. A business knowingly using a pirated version has to face the consequences or play legally. Home users should be aware of what could happen to their treasured files if they elect to go pirate the software.



*YAWN* The only ones that will be affected by this are the legit owners. Why? Because, just like with XP activation and WGA, it will be cracked.



Well if micro$lack wants to do that fine. Then I will just stick w/ XP and turn off all the update BS i've got / continue my dual OS setup. Greedy shits.



What are you, some kinda commie?


I Jedi

No, he's just an asshole who thinks stealing from people is cool...



I dont see this being a problem anyway, because sure they have a patent but when will the actually start using it?  Not to mention im sure there will be ways around it, since you just need a key code much like you do now im sure someone will come up with a way around it in the end, not to mention  what the other guy said.

 I'd say locking your PC violates some laws 



Just because they own a patent on it, doesn't mean they can legally use it ;)

First time they disable someones legally obtained and licensed computer look for a lawsuit.


"Thought's of Dread"



Nunc est bibendum!

 Insert "Microsoft's been crippling PC's for years" comments here

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