Microsoft Now Accepting $14.99 Windows Pro Upgrade Registrations



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I have no experience in I.T., I can turn on a computer and use it probably to about .01% of its' capabilities.
However, even I can work out Windows 8 - I installed the RTM this morning (my first experience with it) and I had it tamed with 2 hours - what is everyone's problems with it?.
I have remote desktop, Chrome, Filezilla and all file associations on the desktop linked to downloaded programs that run solely on the desktop without bouncing into Metro/ Modern/ whatever.

I installed it on an ancient Lenovo U110 and the speed upgrade by using Win8 is amazing.
The only thing I have a problem with is the inability to create a merged inboxes for my many email accounts separable by work and home; but this is perfectly executed in WP7.5 so MSFT have no excuses there.

It is early days yet but I think that people haven't even attempted to understand it - I fully intend porting it onto our aging XP work machines when Win 8 comes out



and what are you going to do when it goes wrong, using it isnt that much of a problem removing the ability to diagnose and fix it that is a problem, microsoft are reducing the functions people can access, thats not a problem on mobile devices its a very sensible thing to do, 8 is going to be brilliant on phones and tablets but its not a desktop os and ms shouldnt be trying to fob people off trying to sell it as such



Outlook can be configured to merge inbox and sent as well. I know the Live Mail application could be set up to do the same. It is strange that Microsoft left some of the features of the Live Mail app out of their new mail app in Windows 8. Of course it could be intentional to push those that want those extra features to step up to Outlook. I prefer Outlook myself.



I took of survey from 8 different countries and nobody likes or cares about windows 8.



This is like someone offering someone fifteen dollars to put their dick and balls in a garbage disposal and trust them not to throw the switch. Who the hell would do that?!

The Orwellian nature of this OS is terrifying and that's why they are practically giving it away, because they know that if they can get the majority of people to adopt it then they'll have us all by the balls and there will be little to nothing we can do about it. It's all about control and power. They're offering us a bait to get us to go where they want us to, namely to a world where Microsoft has absolute control over our computers on the level that Amazon has absolute control over the Kindle where they can even remotely delete things they have remotely delivered. Scary stuff.



they call it kill switch on windows8, microsoft can turn it off anytime they want, doesnt matter how cheap it is i wont be getting it, even to learn how to fix it, think i will get more work removing it and installing 7



The next step is they are going to just give it away and beg us to install it. They could offer to pay ME and I still wouldn't want that POS on my system.



Windows 8 can go to hell for all I care. I wouldnt use the POS if they paid me all the money in the world!

BTW MPC, these word verification thigns for logged in members are begginging to really get on my nerves. Just putting that out there. No flame/troll etc. meant.



Windows 8 ____what a shitty name and bloody OS

sucking and suckingggggg

No gaming ___steam games not working nor others

Windows 8 is already been dead and that &*^^^^ Metro UI shitttt
where is multi-tasking and resizing

""""""""windows 8 is in the stone age of technology"""""""""

compatibility mode in windows 8 is one of the Microsofts biggest Lie ever



Hrmm, sounds like operator error to me.

Time to perform clean install of Windows 8 Enterprise RTM, less than fifteen minutes.

All my games work perfectly. Steam and non Steam games both.

Office 2010 Pro all applications working fine.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Acrobat 11 both working fine.

Zero time spent hunting drivers. Even loaded my headset driver and printer driver for me. The driver for video even worked fine but I downloaded Catalyst anyway because I like the tweaks.

Gee, for an OS that everyone seems to love to hate lately, everything just works fine for me.



I wouldn't use Windows 8 if they PAID ME $1,499.00.

Steve Ballmer can shove his new OS Up his fat ass.



Ahahahahah, $15 ... Who cares. If the paid people $15 per system some might be tempted out of greed alone but to expect users to actually pay to downgrade their Win7 to Win8 ?! Bloody cheeky of M$.



lol, downgrade to Win8, good one :) The only way I'll use 8 is by partitioning or by booting it from a 2nd HD, just to be familiar with it, but as far as a Win7 replacement, no way.

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