Microsoft Not in Awe of Siri, Says We've Had Similar Tech for Over a Year



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I don't know how most people view it, but I never thought that Siri was "revolutionary". However it's the first time I've seen such technology on a smart phone. Who cares if Microsoft already has it, they are just sour because they didn't think to put it on their phones before Apple.

I'm not talking about standard voice recognition, because that's existed for a while, but rather voice recognition that really works well.



Who is this apple fanboi retard Engelsstaub, he show up on every post about apple.



Dear troll who created an account four weeks ago to respond to me:

Your only two (badly-worded) comments are on stories about Apple and are both attacks with no substance. "If I can't make an intelligent contribution I'll post my stalky-comment elsewhere!"

If you're only here to talk about me then why don't you click on my profile and click "track." You'll see that I comment on many other stories that have nothing to do with Apple.



I've gotta speak a little in MS defence.  I have an HD7 with Tmobile.  Just started using the voice feature a few months ago.  This isn't an "apple" to apples comparison.  More so an apples to oranges comparison.

Apple has the natural and more integrated voice recognition down.  Kudos to them for that.

But for the basic commands and such the windows phone suits its purpose well.  It just more of a uniform command structure.

instead of "text joe 'I'll see you at 8.'" its "text joe" (it may ask which joe) then you will be prompted to voice your text.

Basicly its got every use that you'd need to use your phone while driving.  Look up a starbucks "search starbucks" and you'll get all your local starbucks.  Call "joe" you'll call joe.  etc.

Siri is bar far more intelligent, but to some MS version is all you need.




You can't just go and start typing HTML code into Visual Basic because it's not built to understand that kind of language even though they are both a "language"

The MS one is more simple and with different commands, it's more of a "type what I say" instead of a "personal assistant"



This is the most amazing app for single male apple fritters that wear skinny jeans.



I tried this on my Samsung Focus and its the same thing. It doesn't understand you that well even in clear ambient rooms. Call Brother and its going to call Brandon. Sorry but tellme is a waste of time when you could do it yourself faster. I got to give it to siri. My friend has siri and it will understand most of what i say, even F U siri.



The difference between the men and the boys is the price of their toys.  I doubt many people take siri siri-ous.  Anything that feeds their A.D.D. 



I remember having pretty good voice control on my t-mobile Dash like 4-5 years ago.  I could push the talk button on my bluetooth headset and just say "call so and so" and it would do it.  This type of tech is definately not new.


Holly Golightly

That guy has a really strong accent. I am surprised that Siri understood.

Okay, this is just my opinion... I feel that talking to your phone, or any machine is beyond stupid! It looks dumb on Kinect as it does with Siri, sorry. Heck, I do not like to talk to those computerized operators. I prefer to press the numbers for my options instead of saying them. Why waste my breath on a machine that is not going to understand me clearly. If I have to repeat myself, then forget it. Easier to just type. Of course, I can see Siri becoming popular with big mouths, but I do not like talking my electronics.

Plus, how does one use Siri in a crowded subway? Or even at a busy work place? I guess you would have to use these programs in a silent room like our heavy accent fellow just did. What is the point of these talk programs again?




Apple didnt make Siri, they bought it from a man named Dag Kittlaus. They then claimed that Siri is their most "innovative" app yet when they actually didn't make it.



Your quick review of the definition of the word innovate would surely reveal that it has nothing to do with "making."

Apple introduced the technology. They bought it like everyone else does. They pay people to make stuff and those people can and will go work for Google or Microsoft next year.

He who has the money to buy ideas and the good business sense to maintain the patents... I wish I was Dag Kittlaus: he likely will live very well for selling his idea to Apple.

They can say it is their most innovative app yet...because it is theirs, Not Kittlaus' or Microsoft's. MS, Google, and Apple aren't workshops at the North Pole wherein every idea and magic material is concocted in-house.



But they didn't introduce it they just invested more time and money into a gimmicky feature, everyone else already had some form of voice control. I'm pretty sure android had an app for it before Siri came out as well.



Please forgive me but I'm not at all certain what your point is...we were speaking specifically about Siri. Apple introduced Siri.

FWIW, I believe it's a gimmicky feature too IMO. But it's a far better implementation of voice control than anything previous.

I don't want or need it...but I've a feeling that this would not be just a gimmicky feature to many if MS had come out with Siri. (I personally think they're just all arse-hurt because they can't extort royalties out of Apple the way they do openSUSE and other small-time makers of open-sourced OSes.)



i think you are highly mistaken my friend, you see, apple invented phones if you didnt know already. next year when they release apple tv v2, guess what, they invented the tv. to the hip, cool, common mass, apple has invented everything electronic, while others just copy them



There's plenty of deluded fanboys of many things. Apple certainly has its share. I personally know no one who believes that Apple invented the phone or even the smart phone. ...just the iPhone.

I personally don't care what products make some feel "hip and cool." Death is the great equalizer. We all take the same dirt-nap in the end.



Video works fine on my iPad. No Flash required.

Let's look at the situation. If you assume he is right that they've had this functionality for over a year ,it just makes their ability to market products and functionality pitiful. However, it's worse. This suggests MS simply doesn't have a very high standard for particular functions. Their definition of "it works" is not a very good one. Even Siri is still called beta.

Is he running the Windows 8 beta on that MacBook Air?



Let's recap...

TellMe is more than a year old compared with Siri

TellMe was more of a type with your voice (instead of a personal assistant)

TellMe doesn't have the same commands as Siri

TellMe and Siri are not being compared here, he just said that the technology was already there, and it just wasn't being used properly.


And last but not least, talking to your phone and listening to that weird voice is stupid IMO (unless you are using it to type)

But to each their own I guess

I'm not trying to be a fanboy :)



Seems like MS's can't understand his australian accent.



After watching the video, I have come to the conclusion that this is simple a case of MS trying to do damage control as Siri works and Tellme clearly does not.



I've gotta give it to Apple on this one!




Hysterical, "Create a meeting teen anal".  When texting using voice, my android phone does the same thing.  You'll learn to proof read before hitting that 'send' button real quick after you've sent a few texts like the example below:

Spoken: "Hey, you want to go see a movie?"

Output: "Hi, aunt 2 goose a boobies?"

I'm trying real hard to stick with Android over iPhone...but the fact that apple has no problem getting this stuff to simply work out of the box is frustrating.  Maybe there is some program or optimization I haven't discovered yet?  If anyone has suggestions - please share.




I'd like to watch the video, but I don't use Flash.



Watch out, we got a badass over here.



lol :D

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