Microsoft: No Upgrading to Windows Phone 7



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Look microsoft just because you are making a phone to compete with apple doesn't mean you have to be assholes to your customers like they are.



I don't think it matters much. Considering that Mobile 7 won't roll out 'til late 2010, I'm sure by then, most manufacturers will have their own version of hardware that's "Mobile 7" capable. And considering that most people are on a 2-year plan, one can assume that by late 2010, 50% of them will be close to getting a new phone anyways considering that the launch is about 9-12 months away and that people get a new phone everytime they sign a new 2-year contract. And I'm glad MS if finally taking steps for "hardware requirements". There was an article here earlier, that one of the reasons why the current MS Mobile is failing is because there are way too many hardware configurations out there for the OS, only segrating users within the Mobile 6 realm and creating confusion. Currently, some hardware runs Mobile 6 flawlessly, and some - like garbage for lack of a better word. Apple's products work like a harmonized engine because Apple designs both hardware and software, and users looking into getting into the iPhone OS knows EXACTLY what they're getting in terms of functionality and usability. 



So basically no WinMo7 phone will be allowed to have a hardware keyboard? That's a bit too restrictive, IMO. I think it would be best if some phones had it and some didn't so people could choose...



I would love to know what the reasoning is behind "3 buttons and no more". Are they scared of buttons? Do buttons give them the creeps? Frankly, touchscreen is fine, but give me some damn hardware buttons too sucka.



Agreed. Just because MS didn't have the intelligence to incorporate fucntionality for more than three buttons on a damned phone doesn't mean the whole industry should change their hardware to meet MS's bullshit requirements. MS needs to fix their phone OS. 

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