Microsoft May Have Leaked the IE9 Interface



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As this screenshot is new I understand the excitement. What I do not understand is all this talk about a browser's ui. Except tabs, the changes have been minimal over time and they have not changed the ease of use of the browser by much. I think the trick is to offer the user an interface that is very easy to customize. Opera & Firefox are leaders in this aspect. Everybody else comes in second.



Every time i  try to open IE in W7 i get some dumas popup that i dont even bother to read. It just reminds about how much i hate IE so i close it and open another firefox window.I stopped paying attention to or even caring about IE a long, long, looong time ago. And no, ive never once looked back.And btw these comment boxes suck. No SP and all my right click functions are broken in it? Thats kind of an embarrassing fail for a site that belongs to MaxPC



I'm liking the streamlined top, that would be great for netbooks where screen real estate is at a premium. I'm also fond of the oversized "back" arrow... it looks like that's becoming a constant across lots of MS software these days... WP7, Zune, . Although I was hoping they would "Metro" it up some more.



I'm suprised there is no integrated search bar that seems to be the worst part of chrome and I wonder if IE9 works the same as chrome search does



Looks a little like firefox beta 4



Coincedence? You decide :>

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