Microsoft May Be Forced to Install Other Browsers in the Future



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This is one of the very stupidest court cases I ever heard of. It's like saying Intel should put AMD sockets on its boards. It's jsut stupid. It's Microsofts righ to decide what browser they want to put with Windows, wheather they make it or not. Personally, I hate IE, I much prefer Opera, but some websites are just designed for IE, and because of that, I have to view them in IE. Because of this, who can actually run a system without IE. Sure, you may use FireFox (or in my case, Opera) most of the time, but sometimes you just have to fire up IE for something, especially if you need to use an ActiveX control. Sure, you can use an add-on for FireFox, but I believe that basically just loads IE with a Firefox GUI. But even if none of that was revelant, its still Microsoft's choice. Why aren't they going after Apple. Apple computers come with a whole shit load of preinstalled apps, and thats fine because its Apple's choice. End of story.


On a side note, I am glad Microsoft untied Microsoft Update from IE. That was just stupid. MS: "Well, we just patched a huge flaw in IE, so lets make everyone fire up an unpatched version to download the patch." Duh.

Also:   " In fact, in Windows XP and earlier, Internet Explorer 7 was a required to automatically download OS updates for your computer." That is not true. IE7 isn't even bundled with XP, and its not compatable with earlier versions of Windows. Yes, you needed IE, but not IE7.


Finally:  Nice Pic. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



If you go buy a brand new Ford car, will you ask for automatic transmission from a Honda? if they refuse give it to you, will you sue the Ford company?



MS creates an OS and why would it include any 3d party software that it can't provide the support with?

If you don't like then OS, then don't buy it! Nobody is forcing you!


Kindergarden. grow up people!



 I'd hope to god that MS doesn't include other browsers with their OS's....I LIKE the fact that I don't HAVE to use an MS browser.  If anyone thinks that MS won't tear Firefox apart and make it just as crappy as IE, then they better have another cup of coffee.  As far as I'm concerned, the fewer apps that MS can place in my OS the better.  I don't want MS deciding what apps I can and can't use.....and thats where this will end up.

I don't use Outlook I don't use MS Office, I don't use IE...and I like it that way.  MS cares about one thing these days and thats change for the sake of change.....not change for the better.  I just got finished messing around with Windows 7, and I'm still having nightmares.  Who thinks this stuff up anyways and why haven't they been bred out of the gene pool?

Vista and now Windows 7 are flops of the same color.  Take anything that "makes any sense whatsoever" and change into something that makes no sense.....THEN to make matters worse....MS actually suceedes is brainwashing retailers and consumers into paying even MORE for an OS that is even more of a mess than XP could ever hope to be.

I keep eating the wrong foods, I keep smoking cigarettes, I don't case you haven't caught on yet.....I don't want to be in MS's..."new world"  !!

I pity the children though  :(






Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



1) MS continues to bundle EI (as is its right to)

2) EU sues MS

3) MS refuses to pay

4) EU boycott's imports of MS products

5) EU economy starts to colapse

6) EU begs MS to sell to them again

7) MS agrees on the condition that they get Italy

8) EU agrees

9) The Pope becomes head of marketing at MS

10) Catholics are forced to buy only MS products

11) MS market share rises

This whole thing works to MS's advantage.



 Catholics are already forced to buy MS products becuse most Mac users worship "the Jobs" and that goes against the faith.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



This is so stupid and MS should be allowed to install their OWN browser on their OWN OS. You can uninstall the browser if you so wish! You just need something to start with so yo can DOWNLOAD another. Fucking EU Noobs.



While I'm not saying its not possible, its also not easy. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



This is so stupid. I mean, what kind of bull is it that MS cannont have IE installed by default. They cannot support firefox or Opera, or Chrome or whatever wih their tech support. Yes I use chrome but hell, MS doesn't stop me. Its like buying a car but the engine cannot be made by the same company (all jokes of outsourcing parts aside). The EU can shove it or go after Apple too, they're the worst!



IF microsoft doesn't like the game, they don't have to play.  They could take their ball and go home and Europe could come up with its own dominant OS and accessories.  I sure hate to see this general consensus among commenters that throw out the law, considering that computers depend upon agreed upon standards.  Basically this is the attitude that makes Bluetooth such a crapshoot-everyone wants to make their own standards or tweak them to their liking until the devices don't work.



If the EU wants to force Microsoft to not bundle any proprietary software, then I demand that Apple be stripped of the liberty they've been having by bundling all this Apple only software. Hell I want any proprietary software company to in this situation. You can't pick on one company even if they're the majority. If the EU wants to spread competition as much as possible, they have to do it for everyone.

Otherwise, screw the EU, I'm staying in America (or maybe go to Japan or something)



I don't see a huge problem with this, I think it could be good in the long run...

In my opinion, Microsoft could earn points with it's consumers if they did 3 things.

1) Make 2, and ONLY 2 versions of Windows.  Home and Professional.

2) Offer 2 installation types.  One that does a basic Windows install, similar to what it is now.  Make the other a custom install.  Install the base files needed to get the OS up, but then let the end-user choose every program that they want.  Give them the option to add more programs later.  This could be a great place to include other browsers (should they be forced to do so).

3) Cut off the integration of IE with applications within Windows.  It's just annoying.  Allow power users the flexibility they want and deserve.



This is getting ridiculous. Microsoft owns Windows and IE. Why should they remove them from their own property? Oh, because a few crybabies out in Europe don't think it's fair to have something forced upon them? What about the people that do not like alternatives and stick with IE? Does that give them the right to complain to a judge and have an open source browser removed? All this software nit-picking causes more drama and trouble than it's worth. Where's all this "customers come first" business philosophy? I thought we were supposed to have the freedom of choice.



IMHO i think this is really stupid.  Any type of gov't has no right to tell Microsoft what to put into there software.  They created the software they get to decide what is in it and what it comes bundled with.  Other browsers are considered 3rd-party apps.  If Microsoft had to let 3rd-party apps be installed on the intial install of the operating system then what happens when other so called competitors want the same thing?  I am I firefox dude really dont like IE but its their creation and we shouldnt tell them how to sell it.  If you want a different browser JUST DOWNLOAD IT like you have been doing for years.  Stop trying to be lazy and wanting Microsoft to do it for you.



first off id like to say nice image i have that as my Firefox icon right now lol and i think MS should been forced to do this a long time ago



Microsoft outplayed many OS vendors, Browser Vendors and has earn its place on the top.  MS is being sued because governments see MS as cash cows and can get money to pay for their social services.

 I use four browsers ie, firefox, opera and chrome, each have their pluses.  Its time for the EU and other agencies to move on to something else besides MS. MS is why we have the many people connected to the web and with computers.

 It is not hard to install a new browser and have it set itself as the default. 



"It is not hard to install a new browser and have it set itself as the default."

True, but you have to keep in mind- how many of the OEMs' end-users are going to do this? Many (if not most) OEM end-users are simply looking for a computer to carry out their daily tasks, and wouldn't give a second thought to NOT using IE, because it's right there.  However, if they are given options, they may just find that another browser is a better match for them.  Who knows?

But this is coming from a die hard Firefox user... so, take it as you will.



At least there is a standard, and whenever a page doesn't open in Firefox, guess which browser I fire up! I don't think the new versions of Mac's OS come with IE - Are they going to get sued? If you want to talk about a proprietary system, look at them...

At most, maybe they could a link to other browser installs on their "first run" screen of IE. But including other browsers on an OS? That's just bloatware to me.



I buy a car, I like it.  It has a stereo factory installed stereo (IE), but I want an ass-kicking sound system.  So I get out the Crutchfield catalog and order up an ass-kicking system from ALPINE (Firefox) and move on.  People, I don't understand why people are so anal about all this.  It is their company, if they choose not to include a competitor's product in their package, then so be it...



Microsoft shouldnt have to advertise another company's product in theirs.  thats so silly. like saying toyota has to offfer ford parts in their cars.  a level of quality is expected with particular products.  IE isnt bad at all.  If anything MS should only be required to have 2 seperate browsers of their own on the PC.  wouldnt that alleviate the requirements of the anti trust?

I dont see Red Hat or any other linux distro's being required to have MS IE on their OS. what gives.


 Ray, RES Computer Services



@ MarioJP

That's true if they knew there is another way (i.e firefox, safari, chrome, etc) to browse the internet other than using internet explorer.

As a webdeveloper, I spend almost half the time fixing my sites for IE. And the problem is, clients want the site to LOOK (not work) the same, because the site functionality is not effected (or at least that is how I develop my sites), you can't totally ignore IE users, especially if the clients want the same look, and your boos want the same look too.

So, help us provide better web experience by allowing us to provide more, better quality websites. I dont want to use rounded corners and transparent images because they look horrible (code wise). So, either I'm forced to do the old boring boxes with sharp edges, or make 20-30 div's just to get a rounded corner on that button, when I can just throw in a code in css and tell it to make the top left corner with such radios etc etc.



People are getting too anal about anything nowadays. If you don't like I.E then just install firefox yourself and call it a day. Holy crap no wonder i don't take these lawsuits seriously. What are we now Lawsuits of the century??. Holy crap are people really getting lazy or less tech savy to even bother to go to firefox's website and click download.?? Just wow.



People are lazy and will find anything to bitch about. Me
myself, I can't stand Internet Explorer so I use Firefox because it's faster
and is way more stable and reliable. To me it is, anyway. And I don't agree
with all of the bone-headed things Microsoft has been doing with their
operating systems lately, but it's their operating system. If they don't want
to ad programs that aren't theirs, they shouldn't be forced to do so. If anyone
wants a program that isn't Microsoft, all they have to do is just go to the creator's
site and download the damn thing. People need to stop being lazy.



i think the anti trust has more to do with not competing browsers but hardwired defaults. Because Windows comes with IE 3rd party vendors will code their programs to open a new IE browser.




i'm rocking the fox and i watch to check the patch notes for City of Heroes and get a IE window?

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