Microsoft Manager: We Copied Mac OS X



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We've seen it time and time again in advertising, pick any industry or product and it's always the same. (Anyone remember the cola wars?)

In this case the leader [Windows] simply advertises from the stance of "Try our product, here's what we have to offfer, we think you'll like it." while the underdog [Apple and their 'Mac vs. PC' ads] can only whine "Pick us, the big guy is really a loser!".

All of which has the effect of making them (Apple) look petty.

Forget the comparisons people, just go with what works for you, Apple, Windows, it really doesn't matter. I've used both and for me Windows 7 is the clear winner. Try it, you'll be amazed out how nice it is, regardless of what the MS exec said in regards to making 7 'like' Mac.



Lets remember our history. Microsoft has always taken Apple's design ideas and built functionality around them. That's  been true since the earliest versions of Windows. And lets not forget that Apple ripped off the entire concept of the GUI from Xerox anyway.

I think that's a great thing because Microsoft has never been able to design anything astheticaly pleasing on their own. The default looks of XP proves that point. On the other hand Apple is all about style over substance. Microsoft takes Apple's pretty design and builds a real OS under it. The consumer gets the best of both worlds. Nothing wrong with that. I have thought for a long time Microsoft should just buy Apple and relegate them to being their in-house design team.



For years now people have been able to customize the Windows Interface through sites like Stardock to look like ANYTHING they wanted. Even OSX Leapord if you really wanted. You could even make the interface look like a video game (Left 4 Dead Windows interface was on this site a day ago).

I don't really see what the big deal is. We find something we like using, and we emulate the usage of that item and improve upon it if we can. That's called development, on any level.



In my experience Windows has only copied one single thing from Mac and it was MINOR. All the rumors about Windows copying Mac is mostly a sham. Mac copying windows on the other hand... hehe

 Mac Sux



What Microsoft needs to copy from Linux and Apple is the use of the Unix Kernel, and maybe a new file system to go with it.  Or even making something like it and calling it by their own name or something. 



Both Linux and Apple use derivatives (Linux kernel/hybrid of 4.3BSD and Mach) of the Unix kernel, and also what's wrong with NTFS? They shouldn't make up a new filesystem, they should allow Windows on other filesystems (like ext4 for example).



 aaaaand watch ever Windows app stop working on Windex 8

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I've never heard of this "Max OS X". You might want to fix that.



 I think MS should copy OSX all they can and improve on everything that they copy. Expose is a perfect example.




I never really got what the heck is the excitement about Expose. Sure it pulls up all your currently running apps on screen and supposedly this helps with multitasking, but I've been doing just fine with Alt+Tab for years, and Aero provides a basic "Expose" of that anyway. Sure Flip 3D could be improved, but I don't really care. I find Alt+Tab better for snappiness.

And while I also think thumbnails are nice, I also believe unless you're really forgetful, why would you need it? Sure all these "Wow!" features are nice, but they get old.



That dude is sooo going to get in trouble.  Sure, while there may be some passing similarities in some areas, would anyone but a fervent mac fanboy claim Apple has never borrowed a single idea from Windows?

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