Microsoft Loves Open Source (Stop Laughing)



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I'm with Caboose on this one.

Much of Vista's and in fact many of any Windows release problems aren't totally MS's fault. As example one of WinXP's new features was locking some of the system files. Why? Well in the 9X generation installing some software would overwrite these files with older versions and totally mess things up. What was worse the software was often hardwired for the DLL version it installed. Now maybe MS has to except some of the blame because it allowed it to happen, but why hardwire the version? The majority of DLL's are backwards compatible. Shoddy programing. Vista had a totally new driver model that both ATI and Nivida had problems programing for. Once that was sorted out it was a much better OS. The other problem was Intel pressured MS to certify Intel graphics for Vista, which of course led to a lot of po'd people, because everyone knows Intel graphics suck. :P 

I mean yes MS can do some pretty underhanded things, but IMHO a fair amount of companies are guilty of the same offence. MS's biggest sin is the fact is such a dominate force, same as Intel. Everyone loves the little guy, and roots for the underdog.

That's why the whole Opensource concept is so compelling. It's great if your a programmer, you can alter the program as much as you want. For non programmers it means some really interesting and often free software. It also means that you can get a really flaky one every now and then too. Which is one of OS's problems, your often your own support staff with OS software. That's why IMHO Linux still has a long way to come. Trouble shooting is easy if your a computer science major, work in IT, program, whatever. Hell if your a normal user trying a new "free" operating system.

So I'm not surprised MS "loves" OS software, it's a source of some pretty neat ideas. On the other hand MS moving any of their software to the OS model, not going to happen. Look at how Apple use a lot of FUD in their ads. Most users see PC and Windows as one and the same, so any problems are of course MS's fault. So get a flaky OS version of Win2000 and who you going to blame?



Bill and his company hs been working on open source code for more than the past decade! just because nothing came out of this doesn't mean that they have any reservations on offering it to the public. of course everything ms makes is proprietary but they got a business to run. I don't hear mac heads complaining that it's near impossible to upgrade their macs because apple doesn't make drivers for their own proprietary systems! where's the open source code for that?
there's nothing to laugh about when a system u can't run because you decided to plug in something that isn't compatible due to software! open source is a joke when you need to work around everything just to make it work! proprietary exists to alleviate this issue people. if you don't want to pay for it then open source it yourself.



why wouldn't they...if they claim to LOOOOOVVVVVEEE open source so much then it only makes it easier for them to nose in where they don't belong so that they can put the quash on opensource code that could be a thorn in their side...just like they did in the browser wars and so on...bill gates and his corporation should all perish in a blazing ball of doom...DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!




This guy must be working on his law degree, because he sounds like he is lying.

"We understand our mistake."  Now this just makes me laugh.  How gullible do they think I am?  I make $70,000 and if I said this to my boss, he'd tell me so what, screw up like that again and I'll fire you.  These folks make MILLIONS and they decide their mistake is the start of a great new love-fest PR campaign?

Hey, Microsoft, having a group hug with your customers and admitting your mistakes doesn't make great software.  If you really love Open Source, put the GPL on some of your old stuff and release the code in full.  I know you won't though.  You are afraid of what will happen (your newly freed open source code eclipsing your current proprietary code.)


Keith E. Whisman

It would be cool if MS released Windows 2000 as open source and made Internet Explorer 5 as open source. I believe IE5 was still largely based off of some Mosaic technology.

MS can compete with Linux by release an open source Windows desktop that runs on top of the Linux kernal. The Windows desktop would be completely backward compatible with all software that's capable of running on Windows 2000. That would be awesome and before you scoff and say it's impossible, I would suggest that Can't never got anything done. 

If there is sound in space in the Star Trek universe then MS can release a WinUX. 



that would be really cool actually. Not so sure about IE5.. maybe IE7 or 8.  Hmm Windows KDE.. Winbuntu.. nice ideas :) 



After the Vista debacle...does anyone really believe what Microsoft says? And I'm not even a Mac fanboy! Quite the opposite.



"After the Vista debacle..."

What debacle? You mean the one caused by nVidia and Intel? The one that the media blew completely out of proportion? The one that Apple liked to rip on (while using 10 year old and older excuses)? That debacle?



Settle down Steve Ballmer, I'm talking about the bullshit "Wow" commercials for Vista and when you tried to use the frickin resource hog of an OS you were hit with all these fricking annoying pop-ups (ya you can turn those off now). Not to mention all of the driver issues (ok not their fault completely) but wouldn't they get that crap sorted out beforehand instead of a half-assed release. Come on, seriously? They talked up a turd.



Well, if you're talking about a marketing campain, then say so.

The popups you're referring to is the UAC, which you've been able to disable since day one. Turn it off, and it's not an issue.

Microsoft has no control over how ready another company's hardware drivers are. Intel bitched and complained until Microsoft lowered the requirements for Vista Basic, so that issue falls on the shoulders of Intel. And a lot of the crashing issues, fall on to the shoulders of nVidia.

If you're a member of a team and have one specific task to perform for the project, but fail to have it completed in time, and present your half-assed and poorly completed portion and the project fails, who's fault is that? The Project Manager's (Microsoft), or the individual who failed to complete their task (nVidia)?

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