Microsoft Loses Yet Another Appeal, Must pay $290 Million to i4i



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"we are considering our options for going forward"

Translation:  We lost and have no options.



Not that I feel sorry for Mirco$oft, but does i4i actually do anything with the patent?!?



You got FIRED? what did you do or what didn't you do?

It is so very hard to get a job right now. I came from a laid off, and barely just able to get one. In California, since Numi car factory closed off, about 5k worker out of job. That's going to be hard.

Be responsible, be professional, and don't do stupid things.



Why do I have a feeling that MS would buy i4i and reassign its employees to janitorial positions? Because that would be awesome.


Keith E. Whisman

why bother even keeping the company alive? Just buy the company for the patents and then close the doors and fire everyone or lay them off. I lost my job in this economy and I gotta tell you it's really hard. I got fired from my last job and because of that nobody wants to hire me or even give me a chance. Employers have choices. So fire them and screw em that way.


Keith E. Whisman

So is that in Canadian money? 1Canadian Loony is worth .99Cents US dollars.. Damn I remember when it used to be worth it going to Canada. I remember all the Canadian stores thanking me profusely for spending my US dollars at their stores and restaurants. 

Last time I was in Canada the US Dollar was worth $1.67 Canadian dollars. 



NOOOOOO!!!!! Poor Microsoft

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