Microsoft Loses Appeal in Word Patent Case



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Patent trolls. For. The. Lose.



Law is Law and MS is getting raped from all sides right now LOL.



If I'm reading this correctly (and I'm probably not).   This company got a patent on the ability to save a document using "metacodes" and then have map to between the metacodes and content.  So you can change the structure of a document without changing the content. The patent isn't specifiy to xml, but they go after word due to how doc is saved as xml.  It's crazy stupid how broad this patent is.  They could probably apply it to peoples use of CSS and HTML or anything else.



Software patents are crazy stupid in general. Patents are supposed to protect inventions - actual concrete designs or implementation of a new concept - not the concept itself. You can't patent ideas. The problem with software is that there is little or no separation between the idea and its patentable method of application. Software is in fact a formal way to express an idea, and that's what these companies are trying to own - an idea.

If they had patented a concrete way or method to change the structure of a document without changing the content, then it would be a different story, but they're trying to own the very concept, as with most, if not all, software patents.



What exactly did they patent? Wasn't there a controversy with it?



It does not appear that they actually created anything but instead are playing the patent lottery hoping to hit it big.  

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