Microsoft Live Search Tweaks Its Offerings, Search Logic for the Beijing OIympics



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Sorry but I use another search tool.


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Meh, I don't really feel like it's "Big Brother" that much...

But I still don't think "Search - Now complete with the latest topical enhancements!" is a good idea either...  I mean, I'm sure it will work fine for the Olympics and all...  It's just a case where if someone generalizes the principle applied here, we're going to have some issues - and some really shitty search experiences.



my thoughts exactly...I can let it slide this time, under these specific circumstances, but I worry about it more as a harbinger of practices to come. You know that if we give them this inch, somebody is gonna want to take a mile.

While I seriously doubt that final page view counts were significantly affected by goosing the search results on a narrow set of terms, MS/NBC is obviously doing everything it/they can to wring every last dollar it can out of the enormous investment in coverage and exclusivity for the games.  I'm honestly more bothered by the fact they were able to arrange (get away with) an 8-hour domestic coverage blackout just so they could show the opening ceremonies during TV prime-time.

As long as I continue to have viable and superior options, MSN can do whatever the bloody hell they want to with their search engine cum marketing funnel as far as I'm concerned.

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