Microsoft Letting Customers Reserve Surface RT Tablets for Launch Day Purchase



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Keith E. Whisman

So with the reservations they are basically telling the public they don't want you to camp out in front of a MS Store a couple days early to be the first. I actually want a Windows 8 Pro tablet with the touch cover. Pretty snazzy. I'll finally be able to run desktop apps on a tablet.



They are definitely limiting supply. MS has confirmed this themselves. They're making a limited supply in an effort to not piss off OEMs too much, and as a test to first see how a Microsoft built PC is accepted by the market, and obviously to create a level of hype.

That being said, sources on the web all pointed to MS building 5 million Surface RT's ready for launch day. So if they do in fact sell 5 million on day 1, that would be a very good sign for Microsoft and for Windows 8 as a whole.



Personally, I believe it's the middling demand outstripping limited supply. Is there a better way to hype it up? This isn't Apple after all.

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