Microsoft: Let's Talk Windows 8 Start Search



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I search for files. the half-dozen or so Programs I use (not pissy little aps but big ballsy resident programs) are all pinned to my taskbar or start menu. and my "controls" are all easily found in my classic layout control panel.

Microsoft is in real danger of turning out another ME or Vista here with this schizophrenic mess of an OS. People who use smart phones and tableets simply don't have the same needs as people who use laptops and desktops; and trying to make an OS to serve all leaves you with "Jerk of all trades, Master of none"


Mighty BOB!

So, uh, where does Microsoft get all of this telemetry from?



Sorry but whats the point of searching for programs exactly? You arleady have the start menue that will navto apps, a desktop with shortcuts and a bar with stuff pinned to it. But didnt they say they were getting rid of some of that stuff? This is so stupids in unbelievable.

But if this OS shows a 5-10% performance boost i may end of changed to it. But not if some idiot UI gets my way of that productivity.



WinXP is my keeper because it has compact mode.  Win7's start menu takes up way too much real-estate and this article proves that Win8 devs just have no clue.  One of the first things I do on a fresh install is disable all those caching and indexing services.  Unlike retards, I don't have a problem remembering where I keep all my files.   So that alone makes the start menu search pretty much useless for me, yet there's no opt-out.

Win9 they'll just replace the whole OS with a giant button that goes to Facebook.



Maybe we can make a differance by making a suggestio to Microsoft at

Here are a few of mine:

I am hoping windows 8 will support all games from xp on up without having to create a dual boot system or a VM. steam is my main gaming client.

Also, It would think it great to have xbox/xbox360 imulators apps for windows 8.

Lastly, I would like to see multi monitor support for MCE so I could watch it in full screen on one and work on another


Peanut Fox

You've been able to watch things full screen and work on the other since Vista.  At least I have.  It works on desktop video, flash applications, HTML 5, and Silverlight from my use.  


Those emulators would be awesome though.  I doubt they would put them in.  It would be in direct competition with actual hardware.  Why buy a 360 when you can just throw the disc into your desktop or laptop and be good to go?  Microsoft is about software, so maybe they'll surprise us.



I have always upgraded to the newest Windows operating system. I even went to Vista right away, but after using Windows 8, I have decided I will probably just stick with Windows 7 this time. Hopefully they realize their mistake when the only people that like Windows 8 are running it on tablets.



I like my desktop wallpapers.  The big green screen is ugly.  Windows is trying to hard to be cool.  Windows 7 kicks a**.





Well, just another post trying to justify the new start screen IMHO. Now, I don't know about other users out there, and I am more than likely to be in the minority on this (except for on this site and a few others), but I don't search for applications, I search for files. I am really trying not to be too critical of this screen, but it is just so fugly and backwards to me, I just want to be able to turn it off.



I agree!

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