Microsoft Learns from Vista Capable Lawsuit, Ups Requirements for Windows 7 Compatibility Sticker



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I assume the misspelling on the picture is intentional.


Signatures are cool.


The Relic

Ah yes, the "Vista Capable" sticker. I remember going to a Wal-Mart shortly after Vista hit street. They had a laptop out on their promo table with Vista running, and it had that sticker on it. The thing only had 512MB RAM and it ran slow as cold molasses. Not a good promo.

I have on my workbench an EMachines I found at a local thrift (turns out it just needed the RAM replaced) that has a Sempron 2Ghz proc. It has the XP install with drivers and programs loaded onto a separate partition (thankfully; I fixed it up to sell), but sure enough, there was that "Vista Capable" sticker, even though it was not only originally designed with 512MB RAM (NVidia 6100 video built-in, but has a PCI-E slot if one wants to use it), but it can only use up to 2GB of PC3200.

Crazy stuff.



This will not prevent us from getting these stickers on assinine products like power strips and external hard drives though.



The irony about this is that Microsoft themselves placed a "Vista Compatible" sticker on their own fingerprint reader that they sold. The implication of that sticker was that both 32 and 64 bit versions are supposed to be supported. Never happened. 64 bit users were left out in the cold.  Let's hope that they set a better example themselves as well.



I want one of those stickers to put on my case at home lol. 

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