Microsoft Launches Online Version of Office



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srry double post



skydrive is a cloud based storage service from microsoft inc. Office 365 puts the Microsoft Office we know and love into the cloud, for use of word, powerpoint, and its other features into an account for you to login to and use from there. my friend, they are very different things



Whats the difference bewtween this offering and SkyDive, which is free



The difference is the features you get: Exchange Hosted, Lync Online, Sharepoint Online and Web Apps.

You also get a SLA rather than "sorry email is down, it is up when it is up like with Hotmail".  With Lync Online you have instant messaging capability as well as use of Lync Meeting.  Lync Online will integrate their instant messaging and live meeting into one client.

I'm actually moving to Office 365 for my small business and will be reselling 365 to clients of mine.  I think this is a big thing for Microsoft unlike Windows Intune which I think is worthless.

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