Microsoft Kills Rustock Botnet



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Wow! Something good about Microsoft for once. lol



I've heard for a long time that Microsoft is secretly able to backdoor into people's Windows PCs.  Is that how they were able to find the computers in the botnet?

If not, why did the feds need Microsoft's help?



Shhh! Don't talk about such things. The government has satellites in orbit that can pick up on these types of conversations.

And don't even think about unplugging your computer. They can hack in to it even when its in pieces around your house and buried under ground.

See, they captured me years ago, performed all kinds of weird experiements on me, but I escaped, and I learned about what they're doing.

But the material used to make juice boxes, that will keep their mind reading beams out of your head! Oh, and don't go outside without one on your head. They'll control your thoughts too!



Once you have control over the Command&Control server, you check what computers have connected to it and are getting connected to it..


I believe the article states Microsoft led the investigation and US Marshalls were used to secure the physical servers.




If and when they catch the owners of these servers, they should tie the owners to a chair and force them to read nothing but spam for the rest of their natural lives . no food no water, their  lives wont be long



I think eating Spam would be a more fitting punishment.

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