Microsoft Kicking Plug-Ins To The Curb In IE10



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This is ultimately good for the web. Open standards = good. Proprietary standards = bad.



Wow, another duplicate article?:

EDIT: And why does linking to a maximumpc article set off the spam filter.



WTF is with these comments? When Apple does something, everyone proclaims it as shear genius. When MS does the same they're "illegally leveraging it's monopoly in order to gain traction in other markets". Really?


Flash is a joke and even Adobe knows it as they're already making moves to replace Flash with HTML5. I wish Flash a swift death. Now I just hope we can get rid of Java soon.



As an avid user of Flashblock on Firefox, I can't say I'm really saddened by this move.  If it wasn't for Youtube, Flash could disappear entirely and I wouldn't even notice.  My only regret about the Apple Vs. Adobe scrap was that Sony and Best Buy couldn't be hurt by it at the same time.



Microsoft is doing some really stupid crap with this Windows 8 and IE10.  No Flash or plugins.. WTF? I get that plugins might slow it down and they're trying to make it faster, but these days everyone uses some sort of plugin on chrome or firefox because IE just can't cut the mustard. This seems like another nail against MS that willl sway users to other browsers instead of IE, and/or away from Windows in general.



Did you not read the entire article before heaving your lard forth in a post, Captain Penguin?


There will be 2 as in TWO or II if you will versions of IE10. A "Metro" version and a "PC Desktop Friendly" version that will still allow plug-ins. The author was clearly missleading with stating that they are doing away with Flash. That just means they aren't supporting it as their core system anymore and it will likely have to phase other standards out slowly.




I don't mind if IE is gimped out, it always has been.  But I'd better be able to run Flash in better browsers (Chromium, Firefox, etc.)!



This is nothing more than Microsoft once again illegally leveraging it's monopoly in order to gain traction in other markets.

That's how IE became dominant in the first place.  I only hope that Windows 8 ends up being the final nail in the coffin for Microsoft.



Gain traction in other markets by disabling plug-ins? The drive for HTML5 has been going on for years, especially with Apple at the helm. There is nothing to gain by disabling plug-ins, especially in another market since this wouldn't affect any of their products.



No flash on my windows tablet... genius

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