Microsoft Justifies Its Windows 7 Naming Decision



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Since Microsoft had Seinfeld in their commercials, they must get the George Costanza character to be in the commercials for Microsoft 7.



Personally I don't know why they ever strayed from the naming scheme they started with Windows 95, and followed with 98, 98se, and 2000. They also do the same with Windows server editions. It's much easier to remember a year than it is a version number. Understandably most software needs version numbers because they are updated many more times than once a year, but an OS would have no problems with that.



Yes it seems that MS is adding more crap to Vista and calling it a new OS.

Yes it doesn't matter what they call it...just make it work properly.

Yes Openoffice 3.0 just came MS  run!

Yes Linux IS the wolf scratching at your' door MS  run!

Yes, MS if you don't start placing functionality above bling, you're going to lose the OS war!

Yes, mean, lean and functional IS important....not what it's called or how shiny it is!

Yes, if you don't get rid of that stupid ribbon bar, I'm personally flying to Redmond to explain to you why it's assine, so even YOU can understand!   run MS run!



they said it's windows version 6.1, then, it should be called 6.1!



The name of the o.s. is not all that important. They can call the next windows, Windows Junk and nobody would really care. If it works better than the previous versions and word is spread, people will buy it. It's the experience of the first thousand or so users that will propel a good product and not the name.

WINDOW 7 is a good name though. It's more on the safe side and if it performs well, people will forgive and forget the vista blunder. Don't forget that consumers want value for their money. Make it affordable, stable and useful and prove that the apple mac ads are false. Then maybe, I will switch to Windows 7 and say bye bye to XP.



So instead of Windows being an all new OS, it's going to be Windows Vista Second Edition?



Haha that is interesting....

First Core i7 then Windows 7.. haha found that weird.

Like other posters, I definetly hope they stick to this naming scheme.. instead of jumping around.

But to me it doesnt really matter.. but I still dont know which one came first, WinME or 2000? 

(I'm pretty sure ME though)



2000 was first. 2000 was not meant for home use. ME differed in the naming of certain items compared to 2000/98 and it had system restore, those new names and system restore carried over to XP.



I think it's 7 because that number is associated with a bunch of "good" stuff.



I just hope they stick with this naming scheme.  The idea of coming up with new odd names is just a pita.  With this format it will be easy to keep track of which version came before which for the years to come.



It's kind of goofy that the actual release version number will be 6.1 but how often do you ever even see that number? It basically makes no difference so I guess if it means increased compatibility then it's all good.



    I like the name just hope that it lives up to the hype. I by-passed Vista and decided to wait till Windows 7 comes out, of course I will wait for about 6 months after its release to let the major bugs get worked out but yep I will at that time switch the whole family over. One things for sure when someone ask what version of windows your running typing in 7 is gonna be easy. KOMMANDER



I think Microsoft can call it whatever the hell they want.  If people are going to gripe about its name, how will they react to the product itself? We shall see.



I just got the same headache I get when I listen to politicians explain something...


Try to be smarter than the object you're working with! It will make things easier, and might just save your life...

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