Microsoft to Intel: You're Wrong about Windows 8



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This is a bad thing, Windows should be able to run all Windows applications period. ARM is not a good idea, nor is MetroUI a good idea. I for one do not see any practical reason to upgrade to Windows 8. Windows 7 does everything I need. No DX 12, or significant CPU threading improvements, and no Protogen File System.

As for GenMasterB's comments on the the Registry. You are mistaken, all operating systems have a HIVE or Registry. It's the nature of the beast.



Seriously, what's the point of porting Windows to ARM if you can't actually run already available Windows software? Better off sticking with Android.



This seem to be the old idea of windows across many difference hardware platforms.  The last time Microsoft try this, it failed big.  Well, it seems that a bad idea can not be killed.  I do not see this working well and I think that it will make for a weak Windows 8 OS. 



What exactly are you referring to, in regards to the last time Microsoft tried to have Windows across multiple hardware platforms?



Windows 7 MODE?? Does this mean Windows 8 (in its native form) might actually have gotten rid of the disaster called REGISTRY?? Ghawd I hope so.. If thats the case, no more having to re-install Windows every year or so from registry bloat or corruption. Oh happy day if that's the case..



The only thing that intrested me to read this was that picture... very good looking picture.. HAHA

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