Microsoft to Intel: Build a 16-Core Atom Chip, Please



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The sad thing is, they will probably make the cpu and then call it something like Greentech and sell it for even more than a xeon.



A 16-core Atom is impractical. Atom for enterprise servers as we know them, with virtualization, load balancing, whatever...isn't really practical. Sure, the town bank may do fine with a capable standalone Atom "server", but would Google, eBay or Amazon, for example, feel sufficient with even thousands of these servers running the Atom?  What about a *huge* SAP database or something spread out across these things, with intensive access?



Some workloads are much more I/O-bound than CPU bound. I think an argument for Atom as just webserver CPUs (i.e. just delivering webpages and not much else) was made/mentioned I think on either ArsTechnica or AnandTech. There was a company I believe working on a mass, Atom-based server. Sea-something or other I think it was called. (Sea-Sonic?)

As far as I understand it, servers usually hits one of two walls (maybe both if you're planning correctly to maximize efficiency): Processing power or I/O throughput. It's completely possible to to have low CPU usage with high I/O usage. Atom would fit fine there as you don't need a 130W Xeon coordinating the show and sucking down power if it's not gonna even hit 1/4 of its full processing capacity. A 16-core Atom could certainly fulfill the role of fileserving (NAS, FTP, etc.), webserving (well, static content, like cached data instead of dynamic data produced on the server side) and probably some other things.

I'm certain some companies would rather have a bunch of CPUs always running at 100% capacity yet sucking, say, only 25W max versus CPUs that are idle 90% yet still suck down 40W or more.



When I read the title; the first thing that crossed my mind was; "What the hell are going to be the minimum requirements for Windows 8?". Reading on that it was for servers, I breathed a sigh of relief. :p



Will a 16 core Atom run Crysis?



16 times

as it is really about the gpu not the cpu



It's not all about the GPU, especially if you have a weaksauce CPU like an Atom. No GPU is good enough to save you from poor performance in Crysis.

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