Microsoft to Install Windows Stores Into 600 Best Buy Locations This Summer



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They can open 20,000+ Windows Stores, I'm still not buying that Lemon Known as Windows 8!



Funny how Samsung and how Microsoft got suckered into this deal. The Best Buy rep who brokered this deal should be made CEO. He pretty much saved the company.

Best Buy was headed for the dumps and reduced sizing before Samsung, Apple, and now Microsoft decided to rent out space from them.

Now i get to showroom shop all 3 companies even better, then go buy from Amazon or Newegg.



I winder if the Xboxes will now be in the Microsoft section or if they'll be in the gaming section or both.



These recent business moves by Microsoft are starting to make me question the leadership of their company. First they destroy the Xbox now your putting windows stores all over the nation. Just because you have a large share of the market using you OS doesn't mean you have the fan boys like apple. I hate Apple but i have to admit they the some of the most loyal fans and they love "Big Brother"



This looks to me like one of the few moves MS has made in a long time with few downsides. They need every phone they can sell, so give a bunch of salesmen some set talking points (hopefully crafted by someone with no connection to win8 or Xbone marketing) and crank up the market share at least to 2%. Really, anything they can do to get win8 out in its natural environment (mobile), the better.

Unless they really are putting winstores "all over the nation" (I've seen one in Virginia, near DC), then I stand corrected. Grabbing up space Best Buy hasn't a clue how to use is another story entirely, if only because it should be wildly cheaper (my guess is that Best Buy hasn't been losing enough money to make a deal MS would take until now).

MS doesn't need fans, although I certainly hear more of them than apple fans. Maybe if I moseyed over to a phone enthusiast site I would encounter apple fans, but in places like this it is pure MS worshippers who believe the MS party line as long as it is coming from more than just Balmer. Besides, Best Buy isn't about fans: it is about dumping crap onto people so clueless they are still buying retail in 2013 and then jacking up the price at the register with anything they can finally upsell. As most of the money a customer is paying anyway will go to the wireless provider, and the wireless provider is the one paying most of MS's bill, MS doesn't begin to care what the customer's final price is. They just need that market share and claim a sale, any sale.


Austin ONeil

Just a heads up. A spelling error at the bottom below the picture, " hiring of 1,200 Best Buy Micrsoft-trained sales associates.". Microsoft is missing an "o". :)



The GrammEr Police Strike again!



The Best Buy model is outmoded; and this "store-within-a-store" ploy is like a mechanical ventilator used in hospitals.

Whatever it takes to subsidize your B&M overheads, as they say..

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