Microsoft Hopes to Woo Students with Windows 8 Upgrade Discount



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just buy win 7, why??? because is better than win 8, win 8 it is just for dum losers.....



I have it on my i7 laptop and my media pc in living room but will stay with win7 home prem on gaming rig
the os is worth the $40 and free windows media key emailed to ya
but no way in hell would i even considered it for $200 and then spend another $20 for windows media player it is not worth it no were nere it.
if i needed a os for any other system then gaming rig i would use Ubuntu before i spend $400 for the 2 systems i put win 8 on
And would have never even considered it for $220$ with windows media player
remember folks you have to pay $20 for windows media player because microsft will not pay $2 to licenses it for the os
there not charging yo $2 more there charging you $20 for wmp extra
and that is just stuped and a ripoff



Windows 8 really is not that bad. I like it, i have one touchscreen monitor, and 2 regular. It took some getting used to, i hated it at first, but now i enjoy using it more then windows 7. Ive even started using some apps. I find most people that hate it, have not used it all that much, or just hate change. Someone had to step up and realize the direction technology was going, it might not be perfect, but its fast and stable, and a great first step. Anyone that compares this to vista, has no real knowledge of computers. Vista was slow and unstable. Windows 8 just takes some patients relearning how to get around, kinda like when you were a kid!



There's a couple of problems with your statements:

"Windows 8 really is not that bad" - This is not exactly the ringing endorsement that's going to get people to buy it. If that's the best thing you can say then I'm not the least bit surprised by the sales figures.

"Someone had to step up and realize the direction technology was going..." - What have Apple and Android been doing all this time, I wonder? Also, the desktop PC is not going in the same direction as the tablet, so I don't see this as a winning argument.

Every iteration of Windows has required a period of acclimatization. The issue most people have is that Microsoft has inelegantly (I believe the technical term is:) "smushed" a tablet interface and a desktop OS together into a "Jack-of-all-trades" product that prioritizes micro-transactions (i.e. the app-store, Media Centre) over customer satisfaction.

But that's just my 2 cents.




Amen good sir!
People hate learning and with Vista they had the sluggish OS as an excuse for not wanting to learn, now all it is, is laziness. I'll go ahead and say that I outright love Win 8.



didnt want it when it was $40 wont want it when its $200 consider it at $0 hell ya if ms pays me to take it off their hands lol.

its a stupid os that ms didnt think it through.
if you do not have a touch screen or set close enough to your monitor to use it then it becomes pointless.

in my opinion win8 is worse then me and vista combined.



I too get Win 8 for free, still having access to the MSDN academic alliance....annnnndddd I don't want Win 8. I only have been on Win 7 for 6 months.



Can I have your key? C'mon...don't waste that shit :P



My University offers me Win 8 Pro for free. I chose Win 7 Ultimate instead.



and let the windows 8 hate comments begin!!!

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