Microsoft Hopes to Turn Windows Mobile Into a Potent Gaming Platform



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Um...MS guys, aren't you putting the cart about 7 months in front of the horse?  Mobile 7 better materialize first and quick if they want to even have a viable platform, let alone a gaming platform.  

Seriously, the only news that beleaguered Mobile users want to hear is that 7 is coming out.  Yesterday.  



They better start putting more juice on those phones to run those apps smooth.



I can only wonder how much of a joke this will be compared to Games for Windows Live. Might make GFW actually look successful by comparison.






Now that would have been an article to grab my attention. I am not an MSFT hater, but Windows Mobile needs some serious help before it can ever hope to expand its scope.



To Microshaft:

I know mobile gaming has become popular with the..ahem..Iphoners and androiders but in all seriousness, a phone needs to be a phone first and the extras built around it. Not all smartphone users care or even wish to have mobile gaming as an option especially when you can't even get your own Winmo to run smoothly. Taking on to much at one time seems to be your downfall so I suggest you work on one project at a time and get it right. Then move on to something else. So instead of putting resources into mobile gaming, how about you first make an OS that works, then add apps that work correctly with that OS. Then if that goes as planned, add a gaming platform that might suit the masses. But I'm just a dumb hick in central Florida and have no experience using cell phones anyways.

Sincerely yours,




I agree with you TechJunkie. The only prob is, that for Microsoft to compete in the "consumer" phone industry, they have to somehow manage to get it together and actually fit gaming, general phone use, and pro features into WinMo. They waited too long. Although they still have a chance. Microsoft is no stranger to Mobile platforms. Windows Mobile was introduced in 97 or 98 i think. They have ignored features that make it a serious competitor. I myself don't care so much for games and such. I could care less, but again...if they plan to stay in the game, they need to get in the game. I love WinMO. But I would love to see it with the same functionality of a consumer grade phone and advanced features. WinMO is the only mobile OS i will use. So i hope the best for em.

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