Microsoft Granted Minor Relief for Massive Antitrust Fine in Europe



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Sounds like legalized extortion to me, doesn't Apple bundle Safari with their OS?


Bullwinkle J Moose

Think of it this way...

Monopolysoft pays the EU 1 Billion dollars to deploy a Govt spnsored spyware platform in Europe

The EU accepts the $1 Billion dollar bribe and allows deployment but still wants access to the sourcecode to the spyware platform

Monopolysoft balks....another fine is imposed.....Monopolysoft pays another bribe......they accept once again.....

There's money to be made in this scam!

It took years to find the weaponized flame malware and Microsoft simply blacklisted the certificate used to spread "that" Gov't sponsored spyware

I wonder how many years it will take to find the "NEXT" Microsoft certificate being used to disseminate Gov't sponsored malware so that certificate can be blacklisted too.....and then, lets see......?

Only 500 Trillion certificates to go.....

F.U. Microsoft!



Why would the US and Israeli government spend so much time, money, and effort to design the world's most complex spyware if the US government already had spyware built into MS Windows itself?

You're an idiot.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Creating weaponized spyware for other Countries requires plausible deniability

Creating weaponized Operating Systems for Americans does not...

You're the Idiot



Someone forget to take their medication today? Did the little green men pick you up last night?



Well, the EU needs all the help it can get.



No, Europe needs all the help they can get; the EU needs to be dissolved. An admittedly fine but still very important distinction.

Called it, by the way. In 1993.



No shit. They have been trolling for money from Google and Msoft for the last five years; I assume they consider it another source of income. So dumb.

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