Microsoft, Google Trade Barbs Over Former's Patent Tactics



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Guy's they also made a cross licensing deals to help the companies fight against Apple. Apple doesn't like to cross license any of their patents, they prefer to sue and be selfish. It is good to be able to share each other's ideas, thus innovation would still exists this way.



Do a websearch on "Microsoft sues" or something. I can think of Google and Barnes & Noble as recent recipients of MS's "unselfishness." Sued Google because they can't nut-ride Google's search-engine marketshare. Sued B&N over Android patents with the Nook just like the case here where they extorted a company out of court.

They are extorting others because they lack any recent innovation. If MS was seriously threatened by alternative OSes you could bet their lawyers would be stinking up the courtrooms with their BS.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Clarification of Microsoft Licensing Terms:


The Gov't and Microsoft Attorneys protect Microsoft because Windows is a Gov't Sponsored Spyware Platform

YOU, the end user are not authorized to Legally enter into a Licensing Agreement for Windows if the OS contains code owned by a third party without that party's approval

Microsoft has been caught several times using third party code in its software without said party's approval

Microsoft has lost several cases based on the unauthorized use of third party code

The license you have entered into is NULL AND VOID!


The reason Microsoft wins court cases for people pirating Windows is only because Windows is a Gov't sponsored spyware Platform

The Gov't cannot allow end users to use what they "Claim" are Illegal copies of Windows if those copies allow you to bypass or otherwise thwart the functionality of the Spyware

My past posts have repeatedly shown you how you can verify this yet most posters simply ignore the evidence and resort to name calling in support of Microsofts Illegal Monopoly

However, the real reason Microsoft is rushing to Windows 8 now has nothing to do with superior technology

Microsoft has been repeatedly caught enabling third party applications to access home computers in XP-SP3, Vista and Windows 7

The real reason Microsoft is rushing Windows 8 is the same reason most of your XP era hardware is now obsolete!

Windows 8 is a "Hardware" enabled Spyware Platform

Microsoft can now open their sourcecode for Windows 8 to Prove that their is no spyware or 3rd party code inside

The Spyware Platform has simply shifted to hardware to prevent detection

Think of the new OS as being 1/2 of the software package

The other half of the software is in Gov't hands and you will never have access to it

The Gov't half can access all your data including encrypted data by accessing the hardware directly

Older versions of Windows were a work in progress to perfect the spyware to prevent detection

We can still prove in ANY legitimate Court that XP-SP3, Vista and Windows 7 are Gov't sponsored spyware but the Gov't will not proceed with any such case by simply claiming "National Security"

and most Maximum PC users don't want to hear the evidence anyway

They would rather resort to name calling and continue hiding in their shell

But what does any of this have to do with Android ?

Simple, No Operating System will be Allowed to function correctly or gain network access unless it becomes a party to the GSN (Global Spy Network)




Give us palpable evidence



Who let this guy out of his straight-jacket?

Better yet, who's in charge of keeping people like this away from the internet?



Again, can someone point to what exact patents are being infringed upon in Android? Can MaximumPC clarify this issue because I'm lost here.



can someone please explain to me how microsoft can make soneone sign a licenseing agreement for android. didnt google create android? and isnt android on the same licenseing terms as linux/unix is? so how is microsoft making people sign licenseing agreements for something that A) they dont own and B) for something thats as far as i know unless im mistaken freeware?



Because according to Microsoft, Linux infringes on their patents and intellectual property, and several Linux developers have also signed licensing agreements with Microsoft as well.



The concept of an OS infringes on Microsofts patents.

If the word Apple was in the title there'd be some righteous indignation going on in the comment section.



I suppose Google can now at least claim the high moral ground (i.e. "we tried to play nice, Microsoft, but you threw it back in our collective faces...") before responding in kind (finding something to sue them for).






No matter the size of the giant there will always be one larger.  One large company caving to threats from another larger company doesn't show anything remotely resembling a clear path.  If anything it shows what exactly is wrong with the patent system in use today (and worse: in the future of patents).

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