Microsoft Giving Away 5,000 Gallons of Gas



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How the hell does Vista save me MORE money than FreeBSD/PC-BSD? PC-BSD is free, (less ppl needed to distribute the software since no one needs to SELL PC-BSD), little to no marketing, no packaging and the power saving algorithms in Linux and *BSD are quite good for open source OSes. Oh and no licencing stickers to waste environmental energy on stickers that are "required".

Sorry Microsoft, but you failed again.



 Anyone else think it would be awesome if computers ran on gas instead of elecricity?  You could hear your 12 piston graphics card start up spewing different colours of oil into a glass monitor, your hard drive opening and closing valves instead of reading 1s and 0s, and soundcards with horns that cover over 20 different frequencies.

 It would be the manly mans computer.  All geeks would wear leather and ride down to Port Dover every Friday the 13th on their decked out rigs. 

 Seriously you have to make one for the next issue of MPC.



Sooooo many cons of a gas-powered computer... but i mean... it would sound cool?

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