Microsoft to Gift Three Months of Live Gold and 1600 Points to Mistakenly Banned Console Owners



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Someone hacked my Xbox live account, bought $125 worth of points, changed my profile information and changed my region to Russia. They fixed it all but refuse to change my region back so I have to wait a year to do it myself, and this also affects my (very few) games for windows games so everything I do is in Russian no matter what language I change it to in settings. Here they are giving people who were falsly banned 1600 points and 3 months of live gold and they can't be bothered to fix my small issue that affects so much and makes my xbox and games for windows account unusable. Any suggestions?



Formal complaint? *evil grin* not so formal complaint?



Long live PS3!!

Naw I am kidding... Seriously I am kidding. But, on a serious note I think their response to this situation was very well handled and the execution for a resolution was beautiful. That's my two cents and I am sticking to it.

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