Microsoft Gets Anti-Trust Approval for Skype



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i see a few things happening with this.

1. I see them continuing to support OSX, as they said they would. They already make MS Office for OSX, why not maintain skype.

2. unfortunately, i see the linux version of skype being trashed, because "who cares about that .4%."

3. calls and videochat will be reserved for people who pay a monthly fee

4. integration with XB Live, because linking it with office is kinda dumb, unless they're trying to match google docs, and the ability to collaborate.

5. the mobile phone version of this won't be able to send messages for free, and they won't be able to make calls for free. That would be screwing over the provider, and why do that when you own the application?

that's all i got for now; hopefully most of these things don't happen, but i think we all know it's only a matter of time.



they're gonna die now... skype was great while it lasted...

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