Microsoft Force Feeds Service Pack 1 to Windows 7 Users



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I personally like when they roll updates together into a Service Pack update. Great advice on the amount of Hard drive space you'll need. If you don't have automatic updates turned on you may need to manually update Windows 7 to install this update. For a step by step guide on how to do this see the article found here http://fixingaslowcomputer/how-to-make-your-computer-faster-by-installing-software-updates



I do have a reason not to upgrade. MY laptop came with Vista, so the first thing i did to it was install Windows 7 Pro 32-Bit (no 64-Bit compatible CPU). The problem is that the graphics card, an SIS Mirage, only has Vista drivers, and no Windows 7 compatible drivers were ever made available for it. It works fine under Win7 with no service pack. I've tried installing SP1 several times, but it always hangs right after the reboot and initial setup, blank screens, and there's no life thereafter. I've even left it like that overnight, to see if it was just being crudely slow, but the result was the same. I have to revert back the changes every time. I'm an IT manager, so it's not like i can't handle an installation meltdown, but if your hardware is not ready for Windows 7 to begin with, and you're lucky enough that it runs on your machine sans SP1, installing the service pack might actually cause more harm than the good it promises.

I know i might have a rare case, but that's how i see the issue.



Uninstall the drivers and use generic/basic windows video driver. Install SP1 and reinstall the SIS drivers. Since you have 32bit installation, as last resort you can also try Windows XP drivers. On one computer I worked on I had luck with WinXP drivers when nothing else worked.

As always be sure to shut down any running programs (especially antivirus) before installing SP.

Good luck.



I'm surprised anyone would be surprised/upset about this considering A> you're already running SP1 anyway, or B. this is how Microsoft has always operated and it shouldn't be seen as anything new.


Bullwinkle J Moose

This is "NOT" how Microsoft has always operated until they added the activation malware into Windows XP

Volume Licensed copies of XP-SP1 are easily upgraded to SP2 without adding any extortionware, forced updates, spyware and backdoors

If you purchased XP-SP2 and any LATER copy of Windows, the extortionware, malware, activation spyware and forced update "features" are included for a small additional and perpetual fee

You pay for your own enslavement
It's the American way

SP3 for XP is when the malware program kicked into high gear and became the norm

Updates are not required to prevent viruses, drive-by downloads, spyware and other malware being installed on a Windows computer

Driveshield and SP2 provide all the security needed for XP

Vista, 7 and 8 prevent Driveshield from operating and in effect, prevent the end user from protecting their own computer

Microsoft had their own version of software similar to Driveshield but it was just lame spyware and they discontinued it anyway

I have yet to find any malware or website that can disable driveshield or add malware to a computer running only XP-SP2 without ANY Microsoft updates

This includes Government sponsored variants of Flame as well

If you believe I am wrong, then please direct me to ANY website that can disable driveshield or add malware to this type of computer

The only additional recomendations are BIOS password protection, admin account and updated antivirus

Microsoft Updates are a seriously bad idea if security is your main concern

You should also avoid Microsoft Security Essentials if you want to avoid the backdoor it creates around your firewall



"I have yet to find any malware or website that can disable driveshield or add malware to a computer running only XP-SP2 without ANY Microsoft updates"

This may have more to do with the fact that WinXP w/SP2 just isn't being targeted by malware anymore. For cripes sake, isn't Win XP w/SP2 circa 2001?


Bullwinkle J Moose

Wrong answer Mr shill

It has NEVER been compromised

Where is "YOUR" security?

Can you say the same about Windows 7 or 8 without lying?

Didn't think so

Just keep drinking the cool-aid and take your updates

Microsoft will never close the holes to prevent malware, they will only issue updates for the holes after the damage is done...

.....But the holes are still there!

I did forget to mention that an aftermarket firewall is required to prevent Microsoft and other Malware from accessing the net

Preventing Microsoft components from "Sending" as well as receiving data from the Internet is a must

Other Microsoft malware should be avoided as well

MS Security Essentials makes a backdoor around any firewall I've tried

Just block or avoid anything Microsoft from accessing the Internet and you can then block ANY malware from accessing the net

If any Microsoft component can access the net, you have a security hole that will soon be in the news and will never be fixed by Microsoft

Broken by Design



Lol! I can assure you, I am no shill!

I'm just saying that if you worked in the IT industry and told someone to NEVER update their OS, You would be doing them a great injustice. Not to mention open yourself up to civil suits seeking damages because their PC's were left vulnerable and as a result data was lost. Telling a client that they are only safe using WinXP w/SP2 ONLY is also unrealistic as they wouldn't be able to purchase licenses for it anymore. Keep in mind that their custom apps are designed to run in a Windows environment and there is no money budgeted to redesign the app for an alternate OS. Then what?


Bullwinkle J Moose

Assurance Noted!

I'm just saying that if you do the 'recommended" updates, you are still open to exploitation by malware and data "WILL" be lost

You are prevented from securing any Internet connected computer by following Microsoft's recommendations

If Windows was NOT a Government sponsored Spyware Platform, Microsoft would have been sued out of existence long ago

Microsoft's one way licensing scam says they can only make money but are not liable for "Your" loss due to "their" recommendations

Do you see why this is a problem?



Bullwinkle, you are far more reasonable than I gave you credit for :)

If it really is a government sponsored malware platform, then I guess they will be very disappointed with what they find on my machine ;-)


Bullwinkle J Moose

You said earlier that I would open myself to lawsuits for leaving computers vulnerable (by not updating them per Microsofts recommendations?)

That doesn't make sense

In fact it sounds like Microsoft scare tactics

If I "DO" secure my computer by not following Redmond's recommendations, I am open to Lawsuits?

But if I follow their recommendations and data is lost, they are not liable?

Well then, if Windows is not a Government sponsored spyware platform, I guess we can cancel this little project >

There is no need for such a massive data collection facility if the spyware program does not exist

By the way, when exactly did securing your own computer become a crime?

and WHY?



Holy crap! The important part of this should have been the headline:

Say no more you cheese eating Redmond bastards!

I guess that means I'll have to turn on Win Update for a couple hours...



If all goes well I should be retired by the time support ends. I can live with that!






I see a whole ZERO REASONS for me to bother getting this update, seeing as, ya know, I already have it, LOL! That, plus the fact that MS is force feeding it to its consumers, which is yet another reason I am thinking that with my next PC build (roughly 5 years or so away), I will probably go with an OS that, you know, doesn't FORCE updates down out throats. Heck, even with Windows Update turned completely off, the damn thing STILL downloads and installs updates at LEAST twice a month. Please do tell me how it is that happens when update isn't even turned on? Oh wait...I forgot, its M$. To be clear here, I LOVE my Windows 7 computer. If Windows 7 were to be the main for the next thousand years, I'd be happy with it. But with tech increasingly being updated and new software and OS's being rolled out all the time, that sadly isn't true. We found out how much M$ cared about the consumers with Windows 8 and again with their Windows Blue announcement (very little, it seems). Still, if 5 years or so from now I can't find an OS that rivals Windows but doesn't force updates on it's users, and has the same level of customization that you can have with Windows 7 (like with all those software apps like fences, Winstep Nexus, ObjectDock, Rainmeter etc.), then Windows 7 is most likely where I'll stay. But we'll see. For now, I'm a Windows 7 fanboy, lol.



I don't use all those customization programs that you mentioned...except Fences. It works great with Win8. I suspect the others will, too.

Just thought you might want to know that.



For the most part, the updates that are "forced" are critical patches that secure your system from attacks, malware, etc... It not like they are "forcing" background color changes.

I have an iPad and am shocked that it isn't updated more frequently. It's not that there aren't vulnerabilities, it's just that Apple is notoriously slow at releasing updates or patches. That's put us that use that paticular OS in a vulnerable position.



My Internet is too slow... It will take forever to download that update. >_<

Edit: Oh wow, I thought that said SP2... not SP1. Well I already have SP1, so no long update waits for me!

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