Microsoft Files Patent for Hot-or-Not Style Fashion Rating System



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In the real world one would use the well-proven system "Estrada or Nada" to determine if one is hot or not.  Once again, MS is so late to the game they are embarrassing themselves. 





Beauty lies in what we portray and how we project ourself. Images of beauty are everywhere.There is no proper definition of beauty. Cosmetic Tips



The description about different fashion choices reminds me of the Project Natal movie where the two girls are talking with each other using project Natal. The one girl is looking for a dress for a party and the other one has one picked out. The girl looking for the dress can then preview the dress on her avatar that looks kinda like her.  I think the reason that MS can go for this patent is the preview of different fashions, its not just a rating system like hotornot. Its a way to make decisions on fashion/looks through the use of some sort of preview. There certainly is a fine line that this could be stepping over, but I can't think of a service that does specifically this type of comparison. 




How in the name of God can they file a patent on something that's been in wide spread use for many years? It's time to start shooting lawyers on sight.



Epic Picture



if its something like the pic shows they already failed because there are no negative numbers to choose.  This is also a dick move by microsoft.  That hot or not stuff has been out a long time and now there going to try to steal it all away?



well he is "hot"... look at him sweat.... must be boiling in that room.

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