Microsoft Fights AIDS in Africa with Product (RED), Now Coming to a Software Shelf Near You



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Keith E. Whisman

How are they fighting Aids in Africa anyhow? Are they sending copies of their AntiVirus software out there imbedded in a special Version of Vista for every Aids patient in Africa?



I will chime in as well that the whole red aids thing has gotten slightly annoying.



Holy crap! There really is a Windows Vista AIDS Edition!



Keith E. Whisman

Ah the forgotten epidemic. There are millions in the US that have aids and get it everyday. Why is it not all that important here? If you got it then you would care. I sure as hell don't want it. I'm not telling MS what to do with their money but how about fighting aids here in the good ol USA where if it's cured here it will be cured everywhere. I mean I'm sure there are smart doctors in Africa but we have alot of technology here. 


I started feeling guilty about what I wrote and edited my earlier post.


What I'm trying to get at is that we here in the USA and GB have the best medical schools in the world. We have the smartest and brightest doctors in the world. If aids can be cured I think we have a better chance at it than any third world or even second world nation has a chance at doing. 



As the crowds are roaring with disheartening comments...

All these programs are great things. Helping the world in a way that many countries are not able is a GREAT thing. However, I say, 'Product (Red, White, and Blue). It seems as if we've forgotten the US. Take care of ourselves for once, not the rest of the world all the while forgetting our own friends, family, and citizens.

I stand and salute you sir! Well played...

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