Microsoft Feeling Windows Phone Update Woes



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Here's the official word on this problem. It turns out that it didn't "brick" anyone's phones, you just need to hard reset it to get it working again and the biggest problem was with people who didn't have enough free space on their computers or bad internet connections.



Of course stuff like this will NEVER be blamed on Samsung because there's a chance it was Microsoft's fault. As we all know It's just too easy for "news" sites to blame MS for everything. The truth is probably that it's both Samsung AND MSs fault in this case.

I really like WP7. The developer tools are really nice and the OS is very easy to use. I hope people keep developing for it and that it keep growing.



What is it with Samsung and their phones not working with updates correctly?

My Intercept is still stuck at android 2.1 and the 2.2 update (which was released for Sprint) has apparently bricked some phones.


Fecal Face

I think any issue can harm a platform, but something like this probably won't, so long as this is the only time it happens.

I could see it hurting the platform if it happened either more than once, or affected all phones, not just Samsung's.

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