Microsoft Explains Why They Can't Pull The Plug on IE 6



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IE7 also runs on XP, upgrade yo shit, people!  Or just get Chrome.



I wish they would scrap IE as a browser altogether. People who use it just cause problems for those of us who are intelligent enough not to. There is no browser-including Safari-that doesn't do a better job with security. Even IE 8 is a joke and they took forever to come up with that poor excuse for code.



I don't like being force fead anythingf If i bought windows xp and it has IE 6 and if i like it i should beable to use it. This you have to move on mentality is just a way for corporations to make "MORE" money. Every time microsoft makes a new web browser they make new web development tools to sell. I think when they stop selling some thing they should still support it for four more years. I get sick and tired of the constant upgrade cycle. You just get comfortable with some thing and they change something and you have to learn all over agin.



Quote: "Microsoft is committed to keeping support... We keep our commitments"... I guess much like Vista Ultimate Extras, eliminating most of the features in Vista that everybody was looking forward to, and their commitment to delivering software that doesn't suck... 




"if you’re an IE6 user, you’ve got roughly four more years to enjoy your ancient web browser."

If someone that reads `MPC uses ie6 as is primary browser then consider myself shocked.

However, Natural Selection will get them on its way. 



I can see them supporting IE6 until they cut support for Windows 2000. However, once support for Windows 2000 is over, so should support for IE6.


My theory is if you can install security updates, then you can install the latest version of IE. IE8 is already pushed as a high priority update. In fact, I believe that unless you block it, automatic updates installs it automatically. Therefore, if you get security updates, then you probably already have IE8. There are only two reasons why you are still running IE6. Either you made a conscious decision to stick with an ancient browser, or you are not getting Microsoft Updates. If you made the decision, then the lack of security updates can be a part of that decision. If you aren't getting security updates, then it doesn't matter if Microsoft still supports it, you won't be getting the updates anyway.


As far as public places goes, the same applies. If they have automatic updates, they probably have IE7 or 8. If they have them disabled, then it doesn't matter if Microsoft stopps issuing updates.


The only exception is business that don't want to make the switch for whatever reason. Well, they can't stick with IE6 forever, so they might as well switch now.


Microsoft should cut support for IE6 at the same time as Windows 2000. Websites should have cut support for IE6 when IE7 came out. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



Technically, IE8 doesn't install itself as a critical update - Windows Update downloads the installer as a critical update, then gives you the option whether or not to run it. This makes sure grandma and grandpa are aware that there's a new version of the software while still allowing them to opt out easily.


While there aren't many good reasons anyone should be running IE6 anymore beyond five-figure pieces of corporate intranet software that aren't compatible with modern browsers, you have to give Microsoft props for supporting their legacy technology.



People keep forgetting that there are terminals like at libraries or even office desktops that do not allow the installation of new software, period. Just about all of these systems have a default install of XP, including IE6. 

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



Anyone that walks in will not be able to install the updates, or a newer version of IE, but there is always someone with a magical password that allows then to do anything like upgrading IE.



 which wont work in 2014, which is when MS is killing support for ie6. Seems like a good plan to me

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but I have not and will not upgrade any of my machines past IE6.  I use mainly firefox, sometimes chrome.  The only reason for IE is to do windows updates.




Opera's a reasonably feature rich and modern browser. I keep switching browsers but I always seem to come back to Opera

Besides... according to @willsmith : "Only 4.5% of readers are still running IE 6.0...."



And I thought I was the only Opera supporter round these parts.



 Now, is that "this browser is my favorite" supporter or "the company that makes it arent a bunch of whiney girls crying about marketshare when other browsers can do it" supporter? The first option is cool in my book.

.: vires et honos :.



Unlike most people, I don't really care about the market share my browser holds as long as it's good, not everything in life is a race.  Opera for a while was the only browser to pass the acid tests with flying colors.



4.5% too many!

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