Microsoft Expected to Slash up to 15,000 Jobs



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Also, I might add that in today's economic crisis, with "Operating Systems" being MS's biggest money maker, more and more consumers are starting to look into cheaper to even free Open Source OS alternatives. Truth is, perhaps disregarding some performance issues, lesser eye candy/extras and minute tech support, Open Source OS have come a long way, it's capable of doing every basic computing tasks in the like of Microsoft's Operating Systems.

Finally emerging into mainstream territory with its capabilities, "Non-casual Gaming" should only be the main reason John or Jane Doe still buys priced OS. However, Big name Game publishers/devs are starting to look into Open Source capable titles for even more cash-in potential.

Fortunately for Microsoft, in my opinion, many Big Corporations still use Windows (undeniably mostly Win NT/XP) mainly for its huge, very accessible tech support.



...and what does this have to do with porn?



I think it's a combination of the economy and lack of good products being offered from Microsoft.  While Windows Vista post SP1 isn't the dog that it was when it was first released, it's still not where it needs to be to satisfy the majority of it's user base.  Seeing that OSes are Microsoft's biggest product, of course people aren't going to blindly spend their money on a mediocre OS.  Not only are home users not upgrading, but corporations are resisting the upgrade.

Job cuts suck (I was recently just let go from my job), but you have to do what you have to do to survive.  If Microsoft doesn't want to see this continue to happen, they will get their act together and start listening to their customer base more.

I also feel that this is a great time for other OSes to gain some ground.  We're in a time of great opportunity.  Sure, certain companies / products are bound to fail, but this country will start to rebuild, and in the process we'll see great new products and services. 




....people lose jobs...However, if you insist on NOT listening to your customers then sales will suffer.  I don't think this is an economy issue, but rather a wake up call for MS.  IN a declining economy, forcing customers to spend more and more money for an OS that not only doesn't make up for its' cost, but also forces hardware upgrades, is NOT a smart business decision.  MS has more than enough money to have instead, made what the people in this economy actually OS that is cheap and secure and didn't force upgrades.

While I never like to see people laid off at any time, especially during the holiday season....MS has noone to blame (including the economy) but themselves for their refusal to offer an affordable secure OS at a time when that is exactly what was needed.


Keith E. Whisman

Even with his wealth Gates couldn't bail out the company for long without some profitability. So it does suck people are losing their jobs hopefully most are not Americans losing their jobs and I can only think that they were holding off on this till after the Christmas season. So many companies choose to lay people off the week befor Christmas. Sure it's just a holiday but many people over spend for Christmas and then to get hit with a lay off they end up not only jobless but also losing their homes and how in the hell do I get rid of this damned underline crap?



Sales of Vista are low so people have to go. When Windows 7 comes out they need to have a "RESTART IN GAME MODE" option that will only load what you need to play a game. "NOT" all the fluff like Fancy GUI,Indexing or what ever windows loads that you would not need. IMHO.



Add to that native CPU core manipulation so that you can assign x CPU cores to a specific app and that app will see them all as one cpu. I don't mean the "set affinity" option, either. I mean editing the file properties for the .exe and saying "assign core 1 to 3 to this app" so that it will always load on Virtual Core 1 which consists of physical cores 1, 2 & 3.

It's stupid to have to rely on software makers to provide support for multithreading - it should have been controlled (via SP2) in XP. The absence of such control from Vista is simply inexcusable.





...what a kernel does anymore? I don't manually switch between downloading and transcoding and playing a game, nor do I manually assign time slices of threads to different cores.

Even with the hundreds of threads loaded at boot up, it is possible for a single (demanding) app to access over 95% of a processor's raw throughput. There is absolutely no need for either of your ideas.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.

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