Microsoft Executives see Windows Phone 7 as an “Ad-Serving” Platform



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Fecal Face

From what I understand from the video, when you pin a tile from a certain brand or company to your main screen, you recieve ads from that certain brand or company. Why the hell is everybody saying this sucks, I'd be surprised if it DIDN'T do that. If I was interested in a certain company or brand, I would WANT ads from them.

It was also stated in the video that you can opt out of this completely.

Calm the hell down, everybody. If you don't want the ads, OPT OUT. ffs.


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Whoa... all i have to say is what a change from windows 6.1,6.5...  



I highly doubt the ads will get in the way of the user experience and I think this is a good idea if it further reduces plan/phone costs. Besides this isn't their new enterprise os this is their iphone competition so it can't be functional it just has to look nice.



 If I can't configure a phone to my satisfaction I won't be interested in it.  As it is, I'll make no purchase until I see some of this nonsense settle down.

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....And Apple sees the iPhone as, a revenue generator for them.


Good luck selling an inferior product Microsoft.  This is coming from a PC gamer running Windows 7, listening to music on his Zune HD, and playing Xbox 360.



Exactly how much do we need to pay to be rid of ads? $200 for the phone? $120 a month for service??? I mean god, when the #!@&% does it stop???

I guess I won't be going anywhere near a Windows 7 phone. And I'll be warning all my friends too. 

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