Microsoft Euthanizes Original Vista, Better Install that Service Pack



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BLah is right, I have been running Vista since it came out, with new hardware that can handle it I have had NO problems.

Ppl had the troubles when XP came out, upgrading a 98 sytem to XP and think it will run it.

Its like putting a go-cart motor in a 18wheeler and excpecting it to pull a full load.



Blah Blah Blah Vista. I expect Vista bashing to continue with the ignorant masses but to STILL hear it from computer enthusiasts gets on my nerves. Vista is a good and stable OS as long as it is up to date and running on good hardware. Period.



My post was denied by the spam filter.  I pay for a monthly
subscription to MPC, and expect better than to have every post denied.

better, MPC.



Why would anyone want to keep an old Service Pack/RTM version of Windows? What, better performance and new features aren't their thing?



I'll upgrade to Windows 7 when I get what I paid for... meaning a free copy of Windows 7.  I bought (got conned into) buying Vista and paid the price in terms of stability and general lack of ease-of-use for months until they got it figured out.  Unless Microsoft wants to compensate me for my months of pain with Vista by giving me a free copy of 7, I'll stick with Vista.

Call me stubborn, but I just don't know that I need to shell out twice for the non-beta version of Vista (W7).




You realize you aren't doing MS a dis-service really by not buying win7 and sticking with Vista.  They already got your money.  They aren't going to just GIVE you win7...  If you want to pay more for a more pollished release of the exact same OS(pretty much), I'm sure they'd like that.

Microsoft btw, is the reason I don't believe in the phrase "You get what you pay for", because so many times, I don't get what I pay for from microsoft...



Take the loss that is Vista and just kill the whole lot.

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