Microsoft Details The "Boot Options" Menu, A Fix For Windows 8's Fast-Booting Ways



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I see a potential security risk here. Many viruses and malware are great at preventing users from accessing things like task manager and need to be removed in safe mode. If you can only trigger the boot menu from within the OS, I foresee viruses and malware that are designed to prevent users from triggering the boot menu. This is a bad idea.



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I don't use Bootcamp at the moment, but I'm seriously considering buying a copy of Windows 8 for my MBP off Newegg when it comes out. The preview worked pretty well in VirtualBox.

You know what would be pretty embarrassing? If Win8 booted up faster than OS X on Apple's hardware :P I remember Snow Leopard being pretty fast but not like this. Nothing like competent competitors keeping the fires lit under each other's asses.



"unless some sort of error prevents Windows 8 from starting properly,"

Yeah yeah yeah, my mobo also supposedly has "overclock recovery" where if you overclock too far it'll detect it and rollback to stock after 3 restarts. Guess how many times that's worked? ZERO.

MS just better make sure the "button mashing" method still works.



C'mon Brad,
The UEFI BIOS screen boot has NOTHING to do with the operating system. That is entered into by the delete key or F1. The POST time for the BIOS can be modified in the BIOS itself and I usually set mine for a 4 second window.
What you are talking about here is the WIN8 OPERATING SYSTEM window of opportunity which is entered with the function keys. The time for that can be modified with the change timer selection already so this is NOT news as it has been this way for over a year now:

QUOTE from another post:
Clicking the Change the timer lets you specify the amount of time before default operating system runs automatically; you can select 5 minutes, 30 seconds, or 5 seconds boot delay options.

Here is your options in WIN8 startup screen:



We're long overdue for a standard hardware-based way to start up with config/boot options, the way you've always been able to hold down the power button for a few seconds to force power down. Even a standard key press would work. Maybe holding Shift or Ctrl on boot/reboot is a good choice, since some compact keyboards don't have F#-keys.



Yeah it's nice but there's an SSD in there; it's to be expected.

The "Boot Options" menu looks nice though.



This looks promising, I could see the frustration of potentially not getting into the BIOS. I'm sure if there were a problem, a patch would be quickly released. I don't see the need to upgrade from Windows 7 at this point.



Judging by the metro screen it is not a standard install. Before anyone complains, it is in their best interest to make this as fast as possible in the video to show how fast it can boot. However there is a difference from booting to a menu and booting to a usable OS. Which I severely doubt they have accomplished. It would be nice if I am wrong, but I doubt it.



Windows 8 CP does in fact boot to Metro this fast on UEFI based PC's with SSD's that I have at home and at the office. Switching to the desktop interface takes an additional 1-2 seconds.

So unless boot times get worse between the CP and RTM, then Windows 8 absolutely will boot this quickly if you have UEFI and an SSD.



No thanks. I don't need Microsoft infiltrating my computer's firmware.

What happens if I replace Windows with Linux? How do I get to the BIOS options then?



Microsoft isn't 'infiltrating' your computer's firmware. It's UEFI, an open standard designed to replace the ageing BIOS. Naturally Microsoft is taking advantage of the new features that UEFI offers over the classical BIOS.

Linux does the exact same thing. If you replace Windows with a UEFI capable Linux distro then the Linux bootloader replaces the Windows bootloader, at which point it's completely up to the Linux bootloader to decide how you get to the BIOS options. If you replace Windows with a non-UEFI capable Linux distro, then it's up to the motherboard manufacturer to decide how you access the BIOS options. In most hardware, the default behaviour is to simply resort to a classical BIOS style F2 prompt.



If these boot times are for real, this makes a strong, long over-due case improvement in Win 8. I like this boot option screen approach in general.



If it works it is a good idea, not good enough for me to upgrade to win8, but still a good idea that addresses a concern of mine.

If it doesn't work, I am willing to predict the total failure of win8 since this would effectively lock you out of the bios.



And to think Chacos patted you on the back.

"total failure"
I laughed.

MaxPC is going down the tubes.
Busch league without a doubt.

Cregan89 should apply for that Editors job.
But then again, for this outfit?
Probably not a good idea...

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