Microsoft Denies Link Between Kinect and Red Ring of Death



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These users who are purporting that the Kinect is linked to the RRoD - which version of the Xbox360 do they have? If they have the very 1st generation Xbox360's, then it's bound to happen - it's not a matter of if, but a matter of when. From what I can guess, it's that these folks with the older Xbox360 started playing LONGER gaming sessions after getting the Kinect (perhaps Kinect games are really fun and all of the family members are taking turns playing it?). And this is what triggers the onset of the RRoD - long gaming sessions that causes the motherboard to bend. Once you get your 1st RRoD though, subsequent RRoD's can be triggered even after just 10 minutes of playing due to the now-warped motherboard and damaged chip solder joints.



Hey Paul, can you cover this issue? Microsoft has done it again! Xbox Live Kinect update from November 1, 2010 caused a large number of Xbox 360 to stop reading discs! A lot of people aren't able to play their games anymore over the holidays! Anyone know if there is any fix for this yet???

There is a long topic on this problem at the support forums...



Look, with 8 million Kinects sold, you would think there would be reports of more than on RROD, if Kinect was causing it. This kid probably has an older 360, and his parents refused to put out for the newer S model, so he sabotaged his own unit to red ring, and is now blaming MS. Anything to get a new, or free, system.



its called the tip of the ice berg for a reason


there will be more behind this and like the article says, like many others on message boards with similar complaints.



Slow news day, eh?

Seriously how is one kid's complaint newsworthy?

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