Microsoft Contributes Thousands of Lines of Driver Code to Linux Community



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Pay attention folks, it's not a good deed it's CYA.  If you do your research on it you will find out they did this code release two days after they were politely notified that they had violated the GPL with these drivers in using GPL code inside these closed source drivers.  They then released the code under GPL with their press department spinning it as a spontaneous good deed before they could be dragged into court again.



I Jedi

I wouldn't say it's necessarily a good "deed" done for the day. Remember, Microsoft is looking to stay in business and they may see this as an opportunity to get Linux more integrated with their own product based line. It's good to see Microsoft help out in the open source field, but I dare not say they're doing it out of the goodness of their corporate hearts. </3



How is it not a good deed?



Ok, well, it's not really a good deed because it was for corporate gains. It was done because people runvirualized linux in a window sserver evironment. There wereproblems with this, and therein Windows "solved" the problem. Making their business models more broad and therein getting more users, and upping their credibility to "we're ok with Linux, if you're ok with Linux."

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



Microsoft doing a good thing?..WE'RE BEING INVADED!

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