Microsoft Contest Offers Free Windows Phones To Talkative Android Malware Victims



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I love my Windows phone!


Android malware molested my dog (Chipper's fine - just needs to talk [could be a while]).


Try finding clean software for a device running a 100% open-source version of Android, but unsanctioned by Google.  My Kobo Vox has zero access to the Marketplace and very little software is available directly from the developer/vendor.  Very time-consuming to find clean apps, but I live to serve the machines...



I find it rather ironic that Microsoft of all companies is being critical of other devices with malware. Whatever. Androids are fantastic and have tons of support. Stick to apps on the market and you are fine.



Agreed.  I posted another comment, not sure if it got wiped accidentally, since it was not spam and was relatively mundane.  I said in that post that I had previously considered purchasing a Windows Phone, but now I won't be? Why? Because if the best thing you have to say about your device is that it is as closed as an iPhone (and so therefore more secure than an Android device), I don't want it.  If I want a closed brickable device, I'll buy an iPhone, thank you very much.  If I want advertising focusing on someone else's negatives, I'll turn to Fox and all the campaign commercials out there.

Thanks in advance for not censoring my comment again.



You get what you pay for if you install illegally downloaded apps and/or non-reputable apps from the market. This would happen with Windows and iOS if they're systems were open. You have a choice, but when the baby is born ugly don't blame the doctor! :-) I'll take an Android device over Windows any day, even if it's free. When they start making a better product I'll be happy to pay for it. When is that day coming?

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