Microsoft Confirms Plans to Support the Surface RT for at Least Four Years



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I wonder how that'll change in a year or two when sales have been dismal over the product life and it's more profitable for microsoft to "cut and run" than to continue supporting it...



I picked up the first two SurfaceRT Tablets for my family last week... two more by Christmas.

VERY impressed. Very solid construction. Got the two year hardware warranty for my kids (18 and 21) as they treat technology like the throw-away commodity that they have become.

Just as the Surface serves notice to other hardware manufacturers that they better step up their game... the lengthy 4-year support statment by Microsoft shows confidence in their product and mocks Apple/Android devices.

All-in-all I think this is a good thing for consumers.

Good job, Microsoft.


Paper Jam

How will MS convince people to pay to upgrade their RT tablets? Maybe when they start pushing Win9 they will make it subscription based like XBox Live Gold. $60 will buy you 1 year of full access to updates. A free silver account will just get you security patches. I just can't see MS giving away full version updates like Apple and Google.



Whether for good or ill, Linux (in this case Android) is slowly killing Microsoft. Making the Linux kernel copyleft was one of the best decisions in the history of computing (as will be seen by future historians when discussing this era).



I am really happy to hear Microsoft's commitment to Surface, I do however take this with the same caution as you. Wait and see approach. The point you made early on about current support for devices was dead on (specifically relating to android oem).

It will also be interesting to see the pricing scale they come up with for a upgrade to say windows 9. Considering upgrades on other platforms are free. Will windows follow suit?



I doubt that future upgrades are going to be free. Microsoft can't make enough money from hardware sales. Their bread and butter has always been software.

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