Microsoft Confirms Holiday Pop-Up Stores Selling Surface RT Will Open By October 26



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Note to self: go to Dadeland Mall on Oct. 26th...



Microsoft probably elected to push the Surface through company owned stores in order to lessen the revolt from manufacturers. While this certainly limits the adoption rate of the Surface, it did what it was supposed to do... give the manufacturers a kick in the pants.

The nearest MS Store is an hour away from me at the Mall of America... but I will make the trip and acquire three units for the family, even though Best Buy sells the crApple iPooed just around the corner.

Those three RT units will be the Surface RT, but I will be acquiring a Pro unit as well... but will be comparison shopping from all the manufacturers (incl. MS) for that purchase.



Well since the closest store to me would be 7 hours away, I guess I won't be buying one. If MS is going to do something this stupid I'll be looking at other manufacturer's devices.



It's almost as if MS does not want to sell Win 8.

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