Microsoft Claims Victory Over Autorun Malware



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Frank N Beenes

I noticed Win98 wasnt on the list.  Is that because in Win98 you could easily turn off Autorun yourself in device manager?  LOL Microsuck actually made a chart showing how stupid they are and are now patting themselves on the back trying to spin it.  They are the worst.  Clearly the worst ever.



In XP (never used Vista) it was still possible to turn off autorun, however it was turned on by default and most users wouldn't dig that far into the settings. This update (which was downloadable via the Microsoft Download Center for a long time, it just was published to Windows Update recently) removed the autorun feature entirely for USB devices.

Windows 98 probably wasn't on the list because its ancient.



If they turn Linux, Linux distros will solve it much more quickly then Microsoft ever did.  Anyway, hackers will find a way on Windows.



Windows XP SP2 (which is no longer supported), saw a reduced number of infections.


Not true, it is supported untill 2014.





Only XP SP3 is supported until 2014. Support for XP SP2 ended last year.


Brad Chacos

Hi Nasty,

Maybe Microsoft got it wrong, then? I just copied this from the blog post about the Autorun improvements: "and neither did Windows XP SP 2 (it's out of support, so it didn't get the update)."



I believe the reason he said that Windows XP SP2 is out of support is because of SP3? This is only a gues on my part but that seems like it should be the reason.

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