Microsoft Certifies 8-Year-Old Sysadmin



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I'm 19 and I have 2 compTIA certs, I never really pursued Microsoft, but I got the A+ when I was 17, and that was mainly because thats when I had access to the resources, computers, hardware, software etc...  if you really think about it.  To get a Microsoft cert at age 8 you have to currently be 8.  When I was 8 years old it would have been 1997 and I dont know how mainstream microsoft certifications where back then.  I do no that I had almost no exposure to computers at all then, but once I did, I quickly got up to speed and by the time I actually took the A+ cert I barely needed to study, it was all second nature material.

I think its awsome that a young kid is getting this kind of certifications, but I really dont think its that big of a deal, I've always thought basic certifications were very simple.



...Anyone could have done that if they had access to a computer and the internet from an early age.


Not a big deal at all.  Just another corporate monkey.



I hope the best for the kid and that he really is just that smart and it wasn't a bunch of parents that pushed this on him and that he can be successful and make great contributions. It's one thing to recite material, it's another to invent new and creative features.


Hopefully all goes well but I'm reminded of a Big Bang Theory episode where the kid ends up in a park with some alcohol and a girl attached to his arm. This boy has many challenges ahead that may be more difficult than that test, such as growing up.



I have to agree in some way. Also, if this kid is really a guru, he'll probably find himself pushing the legal boundaries of networking. Slicing and dicing secured networks just to see if he can. But that excuse doesn't work when the law comes knockin'.

"But officer, I was just testing the security at the credit card company..."


Lord Omega



This is quite interesting. Hmm... He could become the next Gates :D But what would be even more awesome is if he designed an OS around linux and made it become main stream.



the "picture" shows a descritption of a laptop with 1.5GB of memory and 40 gb hard drive space(just pointing out some of the specs)

 not understandable what that has to do with the article (picture: me being very confused)


Keith E. Whisman

He wants to build his own os.... Perhaps this is the guy that will ultimately provide the LCARS OS for the real life Enterprise.... Maybe.


Pentium 0

pshhh...i couldve done that at less than 8 if i had had someone in my family who wasnt completely computer illiterate to teach me....



 They gave him computer games and dvds with cartoons when he passed? Must be getting him ready for the next set of testing


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



I love that his dream is to create a new OS.  I bet it wont be for M$ though.


I Jedi

Not after he finds out how evil they are. 


I Jedi

Ha. Ha. That's great.



And you use a picture of a girl?



That's Marko.



Cain Marko?





That's Awesome!!

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