Microsoft Caves to Consumers, Frees Games for Windows



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What possible improvement could Microsoft think of next.   Has anyone told MS  that flists have been free for almost every other game on the planet, since they were released....guess not   lol

Maybe if we're really good...they'll add free text chat too   lol


Quote:     "Microsoft just announced today that Games for Windows LIVE will be free for all users (both Silver and Gold accounts)"     ......just a dumb question.....are the silver and gold "accounts" free also?  If so, why are there two account types?  Is Silver free, more free than Gold free? If, in fact, the Silver and Gold accounts are NOT free.....then niether are the friends list or the text chat   lol

Microsoft cracks me up.....they should go on the road with their comedy routine....oh that's right....they have, lol.



hell yeah



This is great timing.  My brother bought me Gears of War last month as a birthday gift and we've been playing through the co op, and our free month was about to run out.

So it's good to hear this will be a free service now, because neither of us were willing to pay for it.



What happens when the price falls to zero and there's still no demand?



 Won't make a difference, if this does pickup it won't be for a long time. Steam is doing all of this and more, and doing it better. Another failed microsoft endeavor, at least in the near future.

"we Plan for Tomorrow, but we Live for Today"



I had a free two month trial when I bought universe at war. Never activated it though, since I figured nobody else would be online (and because that game had too many issues). PC gamers dont pay for online play, we havent from the start. why microsoft could come in and think they could charge us for "steam lite" is beyond me. maybe now I'll actually make an account, lets see if another cross platform game comes out, whipping up on console junkies sounds like fun!



Maybe I will buy gears of war now.



Dawn of war 2 is going to be GFW Live and now that its free those two things could get people into the idea of GFW live. They will finaly have a good game using the service, and it will be free.



Well, there are a scant number of Games for Windows Live titles: I can think of Shadowrun, Halo 2, Gears of War, Kane and Lynch, Universe at War, and Lost Planet: Colonies, to name a few.

As for ones that you can actually play cross-platform, well, take the available list of GFWL titles and shrink it to about 5 percent.



This means I can play Shadowrun again without paying a subscription! Shadowrun was so fun, very much overlooked and i look forward to kicking console ass!

Xbox 360 plays can suck my high skilled ass:

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