Microsoft Calls Out Google's Privacy Changes In Newspaper Ads



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I don't use G services at work, primarily since a deluge of bike videos and porn won't make my day more productive. That said I loathe MS even more for acting childish and distasteful when I get enough crap to sort through in headlines with this being an election year. MicroSuck depends so much on it's expensive inflexible that is has to sue and strong-arm "protection" money from any threats to it's monopoly. They have missed the boat as much of the world has moved to open source and web based productivity suites making shareholders quite uneasy. I don't see value for students today bothering to keep up with their fickle and ever changing interfaces in the flatter world of tomorrow. Further since the shift from simplicity in XP/03 to the ribbons and whatever the hell Vista was supposed to be I see only diminished value in learning confusing new ways of doing the same things just to keep up with the Redmond's. Big "G" on the otro mano provides value to advertisers and consumers by connecting Midget porn or bass fishing lovers with what both are looking for.

Nice try, but too little too late.



"But, the way they're doing it is making it harder for you to maintain control of your personal information."

So wrong, there is now only one single place I need to go to ers\ase my data.



I am basically a Google fanboy at this point, so you can probably guess I use just about every Google product.

Here is my concern, not long ago I talked to my wife about buying a trailer for our quads, low and behold I done quite a bit of searching for trailers on the web, then all the sudden just about every site I visit has trailer ads on it--my wife noticed this. Now that Valentines day is coming up I have started searching for a wonderful gift for my wife.

This is where the problem starts. Now just about every website I visit there are ads for Build a Bear Workshop all over the place--my wife noticed this also.

Don't think she will be that surprised when she gets a Kisses for you Friend on that special day:-(

Why advertise something to me I'm going to buy anyway? If I seen the ads or not that's what I was going to buy.

On the plus side, I did goto a website I wanted to support and hit refresh until the ad came up for the bear than went and bought it.

One other note, I have been searching for a new gun I am about to buy yet Google is reluctant to show me any gun or ammo ads. Scared of the peasants revolting perhaps?



There is a Google preference for blocking their ads altogether, and it never hurts to install AdBlock Plus on your browser of choice.

As far as I know, Google was already putting together all the info of our Google accounts. It's information we were already giving them as users of their products, so I don't see how a clarified, unified privacy policy changes that in any way.

Now to wait for them to fix up G+... Facebook is way too popular.



I just block ads altogether and block 3rd party cookies and ad scripts. Advertising tends to make me NOT want to buy a product more than anything else.



One question. Under the new 'Privacy Policy', if I search for "Midget Porn", who will have access to that information? Who has access to my search history and being able to link that to my actual identity is something I would be concerned about, and comes a lot closer to the whole Thought Police idea. If other people (and potential employers) don't get (means 'absolutely can't get') access to my search history, then I agree in principal with BlckPnthr and others below.

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